Annoyed with Uber

Anybody annoyed with doing Uber Eats? It’s really not worth the $3 pay to deal with a rude customer.

I never opted in. I’ve just been getting entertained by all the posts. Lol. Opt out and be done with it

Im opting out now. Had a lady report me for professionalism because I called her out for all these instructions to deliver an order I was getting paid 3 dollars for. Not worth it when its more money to drive customers around.

My opinion , those pickups are nothing but trash. Late night McDonald’s orders. Smdh Just did 5 in a row better than dealing with a smart ass pax

It’s not worth it at all I’m 10 minutes out get there pick up there a block away 3 dollars. How many actual rides did I miss for that I’m done with uber eats

I think the thing too is that Uber Eats customers feel entitled where as uberx is more respect for the driver because the driver can kick you out at any time.

This is interesting. I got my first delivery last week. Happened to be almost on top of the restaurant. Drive say 3-5 miles (maybe more, I’d have to go back and look) and it payed out $7+ and the young lady who’s lunch it was, was very nice to me when I told her to check the bag since this was my first time with this. Come to find out it was her’s as well.

Two virgins not sure what to do lmao.

In the end was it worth it? No human to deal with was nice. But I’m fairly sure that she’s not going to be indicative of all the deliveries I will or could possibly have to deal with. Jermaine Bridges has a good point. Don’t know how true it actually is, but I can see the logic in it.

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I like your perspective on it. I really only had one completely rude customer but other than that smooth sailing.

I made $150 in two days Uber eaters…y’all must not be doing it right lol please don’t do it…
I’ll take your trips thanks

All I do is eats done over 1000 deliveries and iv never had a rude person well not like specifically towrds me I think some people are just rude and dont no it but I mean iv never had a customer call and rush ne never had em do anything at all

true the worst part is waiting for food sometimes my app says food is done…then I’m waiting 5,10,15 minutes for food to be done. I feel like most restaurants (especially McDonald’s) Doesnt take ubereats seriously… even tho it’s really helping their business

I had more issues with restaurants than customers. Many didn’t start order til you got there then all they did was as complain about Uber eats sux. No place to park legally Chance of getting tickets to nullify any revenue not worth it

Only thing I like about McDonald’s pick up is guaranteed parking lot lol
I still enjoy Uber eats its better on my mileage than uberx/pool. And also nice to make money without having strangers in your car too. I get tired of uberx/pool sometimes nice to break it up once in a while

I tried it and I hated it. You go and pick up a large and expensive order, make sure everything thing is there, drive as quickly as you can to get it there hottish, and they send their kid to the door to pick it up? No tip and I get $5 to deliver it to their door? Just another way for cheap bastards to keep from tipping the service industry. I, nonetheless, keep a smile on my face and tell them to “have a nice day” but “screw you” under my breath. I opted out. And UBER keeps trying to convince me to opt back in. No thanks!

I NEVER ever signed up and they send me those requests. I never know until i get there. I always cancel and leave. I’m not doing it!!!

So many issues with uber eats but there are a few perks.