An option to report "fraudulent" riders?


(Christian Odom) #1

I really wish Uber would do something about the fraudulent activity of parents requesting Uber’s for their children because they’re too lazy to walk home after school or the parent is too lazy to pick them up. I’ve had three back to back requests of minors at various locations, which I denied upon arrival. I call the parents to notify them of Uber’s TOS and tell them to cancel the ride. I’ve now wasted 45 minutes driving all over town to make $10.50 in cancellation fees, when I could have been making significantly more with adults that were going places. Wasn’t there an option to report “fraudulent” riders?

(Brahim Decker) #2

As long as other drivers keep doing it, nothing will change. Same with stacking 5-7 people in an UberX. I always hear that they’ve never been turned away and it makes me so mad.

(Cody Parker) #3

Unfortunately same issue with the car seats – whenever I refuse a ride where there are children under 8, parents always get pissy with me and say they always travel via Uber and never had an issue with any other driver

(Marsha_Smith) #4

Exactly. Both the kid and the parent said it’s never been an issue before and they do it all the time. Of course we’re the bad guys for following the rules and avoiding any possible liability.

(Chris Stipe) #5

Oops… I guess I’m partially to blame. I’ve driven minors before. Up until recently I didn’t know about the rule. I just started refusing them.

(Rakesh Sharma) #6

My favorite is how Uber sets themselves up for this by creating a ‘family account’ and they sell Uber gift cards too… so anyone could grab a ride with either of these also…

(Abdul Karim) #7

It’s not a rebuttal it’s a fact and we all have to deal with it some choose to violate TOS as for chance. I forsee many cancelation fees in my future. To many idle teens while the parents are at work.

(Snyder Reed) #8

I can’t speak for all cities, but I used public transportation (city bus, train, etc.) or my own feet when I was growing up and my parents were at work. I guess my point is, I wish Uber took (strong[er]) action against those that violate TOS, to better enforce the rules, not waste our time, avoid awkward situations for drivers, and to have more cars available for legit passengers.

(Hassan) #9

So I went bacc in my rides pressed help them I just picked anther problem and it let’s you just type in the reason why. That’s all we can do aside from reporting the other drivers who do give them rides. But then are you willing to spend the time to wait and see if another driver shows up and document the information.

(Laura Lee) #10

Gotta love the parents who send their young kids (I’m talking under 12) to school via POOL. Sorry, I don’t care if your child is going to get to school late this morning–I’m not going to be the one taking them!! Of course, solved that problem by no longer accepting POOL but that’s a whole other conversation

(Abel) #11

And a good portion of these accounts are set up by the teen. They lie about the age many parents either don’t know or don’t care.

(Chris Stipe) #12

Lol… attacking the character of someone for attempting to use a service you provide… lol
Good plan…
They are lazy because they want a ride… lol that would qualify for every pax… goody people live to make themselves feel better by adding commentary …
Stick to the facts homey…
Good luck

(Marsha_Smith) #13

Lol you obviously misunderstood ! Just keep calling everyone names and attacking the character if people you don’t know a thing about … if it makes you feel better about yourself. .
I didn’t say you had to give them a ride …
I’m done … whether you get it or not is none of my concern…
Be well.

(Jeremy Mwan) #14

they are lazy because they are neglecting their responsibilities as parents. I wouldn’t just let my hypothetical 6-10 year old kids hop around town in a stranger’s car, that’s absurd.

(Cody Parker) #15

Wow I am learning a lot from this posts. Is so sad we live in a society were we can’t pick up kids at school even after being registered drivers, were maybe the kids are tired of the parents are stuck at work or in traffic. What if they don’t feel good enough to drive? or the kid is the one not feeling good. I understand is frustrating but it means there is a demand that is not fulfilled. Maybe those parents should get together with uber and find a way to make it legal to provide the service. If a kid can fly alone from one country to another under the care of a attendant them some extra steps should allow us to drive them from school to home. I know in Spain kids use taxis all the time and many drivers have those rides as main income in low season

(Brahim Decker) #16

Maybe they should put their kids on a school bus. I don’t want the responsibility of having someone else’s kid in my care without their parents. There’s so much room for false accusations there. I can deal kids, heck I do it for a living, but I am NEVER alone with a student without easy access for someone to peak in. If I’m in my classroom with a student, I prop the door as wide open as it’ll go just to be safe. Not worth the risk.

(Garrent George) #17

I’m sorry i am a father I am a uber driver too it’s no way I’m having my teenage daughter catching a uber with a complete fuccing stranger

(Christian Odom) #18

with all the assaults by uber drivers? Uber’s background check is a joke, there’s no telling who may abduct your kid. Lyft is much better with the vetting process, and I wouldn’t be terrified of using it, but you still don’t know who may pick them up.

(Lisa Markee) #19

I see so many young kids walking around and home from school… sometimes in areas I wouldn’t walk in. It would be nice if we were allowed and more importantly had protection from liability to safely transport them. I just declined a young kid yesterday morning and felt bad that now, what- is he going to walk all that way? I’m passing up money so these kids can possibly put themselves in harm’s way. I’m still not going to take them and I have a camera for proof that I confirm passengers tell me they are 18. But I think about when I was little and all the crazy places kids went on their own and how dangerous that can be… It feels like we’ve got to have a better solution.

(Jack Dolen) #20

I’ve had great luck. In getting the accounts deactivated.
When I do arrive. And the rider is underage. I call the parent politely to let them know. That I can’t take there child. And it is against the law and Uber’s tos. An that I am required to report this account. Informing them the account will be deactivated,
Some have a comeback. Saying other drivers have done it. And some have gotten irate at me for telling them.
I inform them they must pick up their child. Or call a taxi.