An intro to DoorDash Drive for Dashers

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Everyone knows that DoorDash is a door-to-door delivery service providing meals and food delivered quickly and efficiently to customers. What most people don't know is that it also provides a catering logistics service for restaurants and this is what we will discuss in our article.

The Drive option will require dashers to maintain a stock of hot bags, have plenty of room in their vehicles and be able to go beyond the delivery service and help with the laying out of food on tables at the destination.

Let's take a look at all the variables of the Drive option.


DoorDash guarantees a minimum income that is displayed before a Dasher takes an order. This will enable the Dasher to consider taking the order or not. The basic income model will not change, it is now $1 + pay boost + 100% of tip.If the end pays below the minimum (which is doubtful), then DoorDash will fill in the remaining amount.

The pay model is calculated on many factors including the estimated driving distance, traffic, parking, estimated wait time for the merchant, size, and weight of the order, and whether the Dasher has to help to place the order on tables.

Preparing a Schedule

One of the features of Drive is that restaurants require that a Dasher claims the order up front, this assures the merchant of the orders delivery on time as well as places a name and face to the delivery section of the whole process. The requirements for accepting a claim is that the Dasher arrives with two large insulated bags. DoorDash urges Dashers interested in working for Dash to claim incoming orders quickly since this particular service is lucrative, especially with tips. It also aligns a Dasher with a merchant that might offer more work in the future and fact leads to some closer business relationships between merchants and Dashers which is good for the Dashers income as well as ratings.

Dashing and Drive

Dashers that claim a scheduled driver when on delivery will extend the original Dash. If the Dasher claims the new scheduled delivery, it will generate a new Dash. Dashers must sign into the new delivery 15 minutes before the scheduled delivery time to assure the pre-claimed order is confirmed. If a Dasher misses this time frame, the order will be re-assigned to a different Dasher. If a Dasher cannot complete a scheduled drive delivery, they must notify support at least two hours before the delivery schedule. When accepting a scheduled drive delivery, the Dasher can be anywhere, and arrive at the pick-up point to start the delivery process.

**The Drive Delivery Process **


When a Dasher arrives at a merchants site (restaurant), they will have little or no details of the order; this is because the restaurant will direct the Dasher and fill in all the details on site. There is one DoorDash tip to consider, don't arrive too early, about five minutes is enough, some restaurants have not finished preparing the order and waiting around is both wasteful for the Dasher as well as problematic for some Restaurants that don't have the time or space to deal with the driver. Restaurant kitchens tend to be tight and tense places, where tempers will flare when a stranger impedes on their progress.


Drive orders differ from standard orders, while you are working for the restaurant as your customer, the restaurant is working for the real customer that ordered the food in the first place. Your communications should be in order with what the restaurant manager or representative tells you. Just to be sure, make sure you have the customer's contact details, the administrator's contact details, and the restaurant's contact details so if there is an issue that arises, and you cannot reach the customer you will have someone to call for directions.

Most merchants will request that you arrive on time, not too early and not late, arriving five minutes before the scheduled time is considered to be the best option. When arriving, you might be asked to help with the food distribution from the bags and containers. After delivering the order, you might be required to get the customers signature on the receipt, don't forget this.


The income is city dependent. However, the pay model is the same $1 + pay boost + 100% of tip paid by the customer. It is important to note that in this case, there might be two tips, one from the Dashers customer and one from the merchant's customer, although in general when a final customer pays the gratuity, it is enough. When the Dasher brings back the signed customers receipt, it will be checked by the merchant, if you received a tip, it would be included in their pay. If a Dasher received a tip, they must take a photocopy and send it to support so that the full tip amount will be included in the final pay. If the customer gives a cash tip, it must be reported otherwise it will be considered as a fraudulent receipt of money.

Cities where Drive is operable: (as provided by the DoorDash site)

San Francisco, East Bay, South Bay & Peninsula, Sacramento, Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego, Denver, Phoenix, Seattle (Seattle, Bellevue), Chicago, Minneapolis, Indianapolis, Columbus, New York City (Manhattan, Brooklyn), Boston, Washington, D.C. (D.C., Northern Virginia), Charlotte, Nashville, Atlanta, Miami, Orlando, Houston, Dallas (Dallas, Ft. Worth), San Antonio, Austin, Vancouver and Toronto.

Drive FAQ

Q: Who places a DoorDash Drive request?

A: Merchants/Restaurants place DoorDash Drive requests.

Q: Is the final customer familiar with DoorDash?

A: Maybe not. The customer placed the order with the restaurant. Therefore they may not be familiar with DoorDash.

Q: Are there any additional set-up conditions required when you drop off the order?

A: Drive orders are generally catering orders; some customers appreciate that Dashers unpack and lay the contents when dropping off.

Q: If there is an issue during delivery, who do Dashers contact?

A: Dashers can contact the customer, restaurant or manager of the occasion.

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