An emotional ride

I started crying today while driving a passenger shedding light tears… yall ever get emotional while carrying a passenger along and then try to contain yourself… ?

Driving around an 8hour shift a have me in my thoughts :thought_balloon: … I literally had to look at the trees on two different occasions today to use as a distraction… :sweat:

Yeah…Over a loved one who past…something triggers a memory or
I was thinking about family and passings. Then sometimes music or a particularly deep podcast will do it to me.

was on a 50min trip it was taking too long before the drop off trying to hold it in :cold_sweat::sweat: And I driving even faster but it doesn’t do any good . It still seems like it’s long time and it gets even fatter away … been there so many times

Bless your heart! I haven’t had any experience like that yet; just the one lady crying about the fare going to be $100 (it was ~20 - less than 10 for me)
So I realize that I have been blessed in a way I didn’t realize.

I have and had to put my shades on. I end up opening up to the young lady I was carrying at the time she was very sympathetic and made me feel better. 5 stars nonetheless.
I had light tears from listening to that new lil uzi song. THE WAY LIFE GOES.

I can’t listen to Alicia Keys’s New York. It came out the year my young cousin died in a horrific truck accident in England. Every time I hear it all I can think of it “She’ll never go to New York again.” Then the tears start.

There was a ride with me and this guy late one night. Both of our fathers had recently died from heart failure. Almost lost it. But we both gained a Pugh composure to change the subject to more pleasant things.

One passenger made me cry when I told her I was stressed about trying to find a job. She told me her story about how she moved from New York and was unemployed for 4 months and finally found a job, and then gave me this huge pep talk and I was babbling like a baby :joy::sob: she was like omg I didn’t mean to make you cry! But literally the day after I finally got a job in my field so I really needed that pep talk from her!!!

Yes! When they ass stanking, alcohol pores reaking, and halitosis coming from the back seat and they keep talking! :cry::sob::sob::scream::scream::mask::mask::mask::mask::mask: A$ap Ferg- " Plain Jane" definitely puts me in my feels. Can’t listen to with pax in the car.

Yes! I tried to cry as soft as i could but the tears were so heavy i couldnt hide those. The gentle man in my car before getting out says everything will be okay no need to worry and tipped me $80. Says its not much but i hope it helps.

Picked up a young girl who was a caregiver for an elderly woman…it made me think of my grandmother who recently passed and relied on the help of her nurse/caregiver…I was thankful she had someone to help her but also amazed by the selfless-ness of the job she had…I cried big tears!!!

I had a pax in the car when my daughter and other family members started blowing my Phone up. At my daughters 3rd call I told pax, sorry but I have to take this and make sure my kids ok. My daughter tells me, with pax still in the car, that my 19yr nephew had committed suicide. Thankfully we were 1/4 mile from her drop off. I managed to hold my scream in until she got out of the car. Sucked!

Yep… Every time I see what the trip paid!!! JK… But yes when people talk about tragedy that involves children it gets me everytime. And I don’t know why but Marsha Ambrosius song without you gets me hard! Can’t listen to that song with anyone in the car

Yes! I picked up a client from work once that just got the news she lost her cousin. I almost had to pull over… into the liquor store parking lot! Totally felt her pain.