An armed society is indeed a polite society

I live in Arizona, where most of the Constitution is actually still intact. I can walk around town all day with a pistol on my hip if I so choose, as can any non-felon. Criminals are less eager to assault people if they have a reasonable expectation that the person will be armed, and can lawfully shoot them.

You are in the service business and from what I gather from your post, you’re not providing good service. Telling PAX where they have to sit? Are you friggen kidding me? Go sit in a cubicle and enter data, because your customer service skills SUCK my friend.

I’ve travelled extensively in the USA. Rarely felt threatened or unsafe. People are mostly friendly and helpful. Still, those statistics don’t lie. For a land big on freedom, there’s a lot of people behind bars. Huge violent crime rates. Every day, the equivalent of a terrorist massacre.

Compared to polite people! I’ve done government work in areas with heavily armed people in the US. I shudder to think a lack of guns could even theoretically make these people act worse.

Think whatever you like. Think your country is superior in whatever way you like. The point is, your reality is not our reality. Why does that bother you so much that it brings out your inner fascist?

I know it would be dumb, but the media is all over the story when an Uber driver does something stupid, such as grope a rider. We all get painted with a broad stroke. The sheep eat up a story like that and assume that Uber isn’t safe.

Only the dumb ones. My riders seem to understand that problems with other drivers or riders are due to that individual person, not me or Uber. Blaming an entire company for the actions of one entry-level worker (even if true) is pretty dumb.

Statistics don’t lie. But fools can often misrepresent them. I’ll give you a statistic. My town of 10,000 has not had a murder in 30 years. Chicago has had 450 murders this year alone. I’m not going to explain to you the difference between my town and Chicago. But which do you think better represents America?

Also gotta love the American people who want to live in a society/culture where every hot-headed moron with anger issues & a temper problem is walking around with a loaded gun strapped to their side. I’m American, BTW. So sad that is some people’s version of Utopia.

The only issue I have with a front-seat pax is that I ask them to wear the seat belt. It’s the law and the driver pays the ticket. However, I have not had anyone refuse to wear the seat belt.

You are strange for not wanting someone to sit in the front seat, especially since you said you purposely leave stuff on the seat to sway people from sitting there.
Also, it is your responsibility to have 4 seats available when a pax requests a ride. Those 4 seats are linked into the price point so be sure you have all for available…

It’s your car and if you’re not comfortable with it and you’ve informed the passenger and they disregard you anyway. Cancel the ride! You should never be made to feel uncomfortable in your own car.

That being said I don’t mind if single passengers sit in front they’re are typically very engaging and some of the best passengers. I’ve only had one single passenger sit in front that was a total B****!!!

I prefer they sit in front. I can keep a better eye on people. They won’t leave garbage or personal belongings. Plus the thought of being taken out like Morey in Goodfellas is something I want to avoid.