Amazon Flex no blocks availabe. What do I do now?

(Angela Quinn) #1

The Flex app is playing games with me today. Twice it’s told me that blocks are available and accept them before they are gone. I click refresh immediately, and no blocks available.

(Bick Bhangoo) #2

Those notifications are never helpful. They’re always late. Usually, by about 5 to 10 minutes. How I know is, I’ve already picked up the block, and then I get notified that blocks are available about five or 10 minutes later. It works the same way with reserves. I’ve already got before they tell me that They are available.

(Lisa Markee) #3

Awesome. Just tried to check in for my block, and my app went to the “no blocks available” screen.

(Jack Dolen) #4

If that happens here, they manually punch you in. I would have told somebody.

(Angela Quinn) #5

I did. They said they had no record of me having a block today.

Managed to pick up 5:30 to 7:30 in the parking lot though.

(Kelly Hector) #6

First time user! I set up my availability yesterday and thought I would be able to choose blocks for next week and see available blocks for today, but I see nothing?? All it says is no blocks available check back soon… it has been saying this all day???

(Mathew Boolean) #7

Remember you are competing with probably 100-200 drivers for the few blocks that come out for each 2-4 hour session. They will only be available for probably less than a second before someone else grabs them. They drop randomly throughout the day. To get them you have to stare at your screen 24 hours a day and refresh it all day long. Then you have to beat out those other 100-200 drivers also trying to get it.

Or, if you’d prefer to wait for the program to schedule blocks directly to you on Fridays, then expect to see that happen about once every 3-6 months.

Next week will be a little busier than normal. Then it should go back to the hunger games.

(Rakesh Sharma) #8

I’ve had my available schedule up for a few weeks; haven’t had a single block offered me that way. The only blocks I’ve worked have been the dailies.

(Marcel Marshall) #9

Anyone in the PHX area gets blocks today? I received a letter yesterday stating that a customer didn’t get their package last September 3rd and I suddenly noticed that there were no blocks available since last night. There usually are a lot of blocks on Saturdays from both PDX1 and PDX3. Do they prevent you from getting blocks when you get that complaint email?

(Sharon Green) #10

I saw quite a few PDX3 but no PDX1 this morning. Took a PDX3 1030. Got there, checked in and waited around over 30 minutes and was then sent home without having to deliver. Got paid anyway. I also got a customer complaint email for Sept 2. The first one I’ve gotten in over six months.

(Marcel Marshall) #11

PDX3 is just too far for me. They gave me a reserved 3hr/$54 PDX3 block last night, and I declined. Finally saw a 4hr/$72 PDX1 block around 1250 pm but it was scheduled for 1pm-5pm, I would have been late if I took it. Nothing for me today, I guess.

(Steve Carpenter) #12

I finally got a block, and I rushed to the DA, but when arrived all I got was continue to check in, and I tapped it and again continue to check in, and again and again, then my main screen came back to no blocks available at this time. So I drove 16 miles to get there, and I got nothing. The funny thing is that is marked on my calendar that I got a 7 to 9 pm block.
Of course, support had no idea what to do.

(Lisa Markee) #13

I had the same problem last Saturday I arrived at the prime warehouse on time. First, it was telling me I could not check in early and then for some reason it told me I was late and the block went away. I went into the warehouse they had to clock me in on their computers. I was told by the person who clocks me in a lot of people was having issues the night before because of the new updates on the app. At that time I had the old app version. I just got a message to update on Monday have not had any problems since then. That sucks if you’re doing restaurants and support can’t help with this type of issue

(Sharon Green) #14

Next time go to a manager and ask them to manually check you in. Then close the app and relog in. I haven’t had my app do that, but I was on the previous block and picked up another. Came back to warehouse clicked I arrived, and it told me I was late and got the red screen. Hit back button, and it magically went to navigate and was able to check in. The new update is causing the app to malfunction all over.