Amazon Flex in Los Angeles. Which centers should I pick?

Does anyone work Amazon Flex in Los Angeles? I’m transferring to LA and not sure which one of these centers I should pick? which one stays the busiest …any of you guys work at one of these FC’s and gets blocks every single day? Thanks for the input…

Where in LA? DLA3 is logistics only. DLA4, DLA5 are look like closest to you.

Are all these locations logistics?

Those are all logistics. You can’t make money in a Logistics FC.

DLA5 is my warehouse in Riverside, CA. Which is about a 50-minute drive from Los Angeles, when there’s zero traffic. Riverside is considered Inland Empire, and it’s Riverside County; not even remotely a part of Los Angeles County. So if you’re moving to LA, don’t choose Riverside.

DLA5 is Logistics, but the Santa Monica one is Prime Now. My friend is a driver there.

Look up the zip codes and make sure it’s close to you. Traffic is insane here. I work out of Irvine UCA4 (same area as DLA9), but that’s like 40-50 miles in OC and can take as much as 2 hours in rush hour. So check the distance and how long Google maps says it’ll take to get there at certain times of the day…

I’ve worked in Portland, SF, LA. LA sucked the most by far in difficulty to get work and low pay. I liked the warehouse ppl, but I usually do. Join the LA group. They’re nice and super active.

Unless you’re in the Valley, your warehouses are East LA, Hawthorne, Rosemead, Irvine. You’ll have access to them all.

Quick question because support is no help :joy:
Does flex operate in the Santa Monica area and Inglewood? I am currently under dla8(Hawthorne), and all I see is Rosemead, east la, and Irvine. What gives? Lol :joy:

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Chino covers part of Fullerton and Anaheim which is in Orange County, and they cover San Dimas, La Verne, Covina, Glendora which is also covered by Rosemead. For a while, there were Anaheim and Inglewood stations, but I haven’t seen them since Christmas.

Gotcha so now all we have on the Westside in Santa Monica and Hawthorne. That sucks I’m like really in the middle of West la well south la if you will, but I could route from 10 freeway and don’t cross the 110 freeway lol :joy: if that makes sense I’m not trying to cross the 101 and 110