Always try to eat healthy

Any of you drivers out here trying to eat healthy please let me know how you do it,
other than actually going home and trying to get some clean food in your body

Sadly no. Either eat good before I start. Otherwise I’ll get some fast food when I decide to take a break

Take some fruit with you. Just a little cooler bag in the trunk does wonders. Keep water in there along with healthy snacks like nuts and fruit. Make a sandwich at home but leave the mayo and crap off until you take a break.

Instant oatmeal. Pull into convenience store. 99 cents for hot water. Add a couple or 3 packets of oatmeal. Chug. Bunch o bananas with me as well.

Eat turkey meat from bill a 1/4 and a unsweet team. Use stevia in the raw. Or at whataburger get a burger bun less and ask to wrap in lettuce

Take a break and take a walk in a park that you love in your area or an area that you just happened to be in…only if it’s a safe area of course. It does wonders!

I pack healthy bars, mandarin oranges, fresh pressed juices/green tea, lime & honey in my water bottle.

Just leave cooler in the back with plentiful fruits and a lot of healthy snacks and water bottles, also let your riders take from it. It sucks buy hey if u need ur rating to go up it helps

I keep a small cooler with water, fruit, celery, carrots, cheese sticks, almonds, any protein will keep you feeling full. If you have Wawa they have a great section with healthy choices.

I pack food from home. Cheese, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, crackers, salame, fruit, all cut into bites that I can eat as I drive. Cuts down on expenses and calories. I have a freezable lunch bag to keep the food cool, it came with containers. I also keep a Britta water bottle for always filtered tap water.