Almost got into an accident with passenger onboard

I almost got into an accident today with a passenger onboard.

How did I almost get myself and my passenger killed?

Because I was fiddling around with my damn phone, while driving, because of another ride request.

I thought messing with your cellphone while driving is dangerous, and illegal in most states - yet uber and Lyft expects us to constantly mess with our phones dealing with additional ride requests.

No matter the money opportunities, good or bad, it just seems like a dangerous feature for us, our passengers, and other cars and people around us.

Have you had any close calls because of their “partner-benefiting features”???

And of course your rider will blame it back at you for reckless driving and report it to uber with some bullshit… That’s how they set up this game

When I did Uber, I didn’t get other ride requests while I had a rider. I had to end the ride before I got new notifications or could accept anything.

I have been 3 miles away from my pax destination and get another request…it then kicks u out of your navigation of choice then u have to hit the navigation button again…now I just accept then and hit navigation again but look how this looks to the pax!!! Also even with my phone volume all the way down, there is no way to silence the new requests ring…the ping still pings and it interrupts any convo or the silence in the car so it’s a huge distraction!!!

Personally, I’d rather have a new ride lined up for me when I drop off a passenger than worry about a mostly meaningless conversation I’m having, for the sole purpose of not having awkward silence, with a complete stranger I’m probably never going to see again.

I hate when this happens and then the current pax comments “wow, that’s awesome for you! Already getting another ride!” Um, no its terrible! I don’t know if there is surge nearby or maybe I wanted to take a bathroom break or hell I just want to go home after I end the current trip!

If the ride is in a surge you will see the surge rate on the screen when the request pops up. If you only accept surge rides and it’s not a surge request, don’t accept it.

You’re not required to accept the in-ride request if you don’t want to do so. If you need to go to the bathroom just don’t tap on the screen when it pops up.

It really isn’t that hard.

I am okay with the phone app, Get a thing, to hold it up like on your vent. I hate when you are just about at the destination and that flip you some weak new trip … I ain’t playing that game. that takes away my map and then I have to flip with the phone… Glad you survived. Uber takes no responsibility for our safety or the pax. So Drive responsibly.

Either go into airplane mode or change the destination after you have the GPS set to go. That way you’re never paired with stacked trips.

If it’s mounted it’s hands free same thing as the radio just be careful accept the ride or cancel takes 1 button to hit

I wish it was that easy.
If it was one ride, maybe ok.
But what if u get a ride request more than once even before you drop off the passenger, while navigating through Los Angeles traffic, playing Frogger across Pico, or Olympic, or Wilshire, because wake and Google
Maps doesn’t understand that you can’t just smoothly cross such streets?

In rush hour times, even a single press of your screen can be cumbersome.

If you can’t tap the top of your phone within 15 seconds without risking the lives of your passengers and yourself… Perhaps its time to reevaluate a few things

Same thing almost happened to me tonight, except I didn’t have a pax in the car. I was driving and got a ride request…looked at my phone to accept and didn’t realize I was about to bump the median until I bumped it. Phone flew out of the mount and everything. The road was dark but the shit is still dangerous and annoying. It only takes one second for an incident to occur. Didn’t the trips automatically accept at one point to avoid this very issue?

You ALWAYS have the choice to ignore any text, phone call, or ride request that happens while you’re driving and/or it’s not safe to react to it.

Just tap accept and then once you make your drop go to your next pick up and msg from there. I have a magnetic dashboard holder and can almost “toss” my phone onto it. It’s strong enough to take a good tapping.

One of these days, someone is going to be dealing with the constant barrage of useless runs that are way too far for anybody to take seriously…and hurt (or worse) someone. More likely a carload of people.

Uber, Lyft and Postmates will get the message when they write a check for millions and millions of dollars.

I understand they have to dispatch us this way. But, offering me garbage runs 30 minutes away just distracts me and makes me less safe on the road.

I literally tap without looking. A phone mount makes a HUGE difference. “FUMBLING” with her phone does not sound safe. In addition a phone mount is the first thing rideshare recommends.

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You should save the unique number that both Lyft and Uber assign to you to contact passenger into your phone’s contact list. Then use your vehicle’s or phone’s voice commands to call the pax.

This assigned number usually does not change. Or if it does it’s after several months, so you keep using the same number for all pax.

Use this number to text or call the pax.