All PAX must be using up their first free cancel on me, because I've yet to be paid for a "No Show"

I wait until I 6 changes of the clock (If I hit arrive at 7:52, I wait until 7:58) to ensure I’m at least 5 minutes (don’t know if Uber keeps this time by the second) then make the phone call. I have been paid for several cancels when the pax cancels after I’ve hit arrived, but never for a no show. Just bad luck maybe?

Still u guys talkin about cancelation trip, guarantees Etc…bull****
Guys don’t forget it’s .90 fkn/ mile
Why don’t u fkn stop driving
Even my 5 y old son ,he understand what’s wrong with u guys

I’ve had no less than 30 no-shows. Each time I send Uber an email to inquire about the $5 fee. IN ALL CASES I WAS DENIED. Every single time Uber claims its the riders first time.

I had an interesting one tonight: Drove to a ping 10 minutes from me… I tapped ‘arrive’, pax calls and guides me to get close to the pick-up location… as I arrive at the spot I hit ‘begin trip’ and I hear him talking to someone… then he tells me he just got asked to stay at work longer and asks if I can cancel and pay a fee. I tell him to just hit cancel on his app, that it’s no problem, the app will handle it. When I logged in to the uber site to check my daily trips after getting home, I see he was charged the $4 min and the $5 cancellation. I like that. (And I doubt he’ll mind either).

You get 16 cents a minute for waiting in Cleveland. Why in hell would you start the trip before you saw your passenger(s), they were in the car and you knew where you were going? Were you going to make 32 cents more by starting it two minutes early?

Your better option on a rider no-show is to ghost ride the pax and collect fare. There is a greater probability you’ll be compensated for your time. Remember, ABC - Always Be Compensated.

The notion of waiting for a pax for 5 minutes…10 minutes is insane. We don’t have that kind of time. Wait 1 minute then start the trip. After 2 minutes start the ghost ride. They have the app so they know exactly when you’ll be there. Making you wait more than 2 minutes is wholly unacceptable and they need to feel it for their own good, I mean.

If I have hit ‘arrived’ and waited for pax and I can see from their gps/pin that they are on the other side of their office building and are going to be another several minutes, I BEGIN the TRIP. If they have to cancel (as in the case I described) I get the cancellation fee. If I (or they) cancel before I start the trip, 9 of 10 times, I get nothing for my time and expense. (The rest of your question is hypothetical nonsense - I don’t do rides like that… I know how to not accept a fare and how to ask someone to get out of my car.)

We’re IC’s. We cannot afford to give away even a moment of our time. Think of it as a service charge for rudeness and inconvenience. It’s simply another tool at our disposal. Remember, there is nothing immoral about being compensated for your time. As IC’s, that’s our stock in trade.
I currently have a 4.96 rating.

How do you know where they are going? How do you know that there aren’t six of them that are going to try to get in your car? How do you know one of them isn’t going to start throwing up as they walk towards your car? How do you know that two of them won’t have fresh beers that they INSIST on taking with them? Until you actually SEE your passengers…ALL of your passengers…and know where they are going it’s just cheap stupid **** to start the trip for a couple of 16 cent minutes.

I’m sure a judge or arbitrator would be impressed with your rating. I have to side with Michael, it falls on the side of fraud to ghost-ride and certainly isn’t worth the few cents you’re putting together by doing so. If you want to incorporate self-justified fraud into your business plan, that’s your prerogative. I advise against, however, recommending that others commit fraud along with you with your ABC mentality.

I am compensated for every moment I spend on behalf of my clients. I have become very productive and efficient over my years of consulting. My clients appreciate that about me. Evidently my paxs do, too! Everyone wins when everyone plays by the rules with Desert Driver. I gotta say, it’s a pretty good feeling.

Nice try - but I’ve got 20 years on your 20 years - and you’re either blissfully ignoring what you spend in time and money to attract a client before you they become a client, or you lay golden eggs (in which case you sure as hell wouldn’t be anywhere near this forum or driving for Uber fares. Don’t kid yourself.

If you want to grasp why the rating system is flawed, pick up a stats textbook and get up to speed on ordinal scales versus interval scales. When you do, I promise you’ll be scratching your head wondering who the idiot was who thought it would be a good idea to combine the two. It’s basic 200-level Statistics.

There should be a mandatory min. $7 charge the split second a rider touches that button to request a ride. What they decide to do afterwards is their prerogative.

Last nite I received a ping to a fancy highrise. 7 minute trip to arrive, waited 6 minutes and got a text “Pumpkin, it’s going to be a few more minutes, is that okay?”. Pumpkin?!

The highrise princess texted me 18 minutes later “I’m here, where are you?”. Eighteen minutes later. I told her I’m now up at x and x 3 miles away and she can hail a cab up here and I’ll take her on the rest of her journey but I just got another ride request. I prefaced that with “Sweetie”.

Always remember who is doing who the favor here. The pax needs a ride. We don’t need to give a ride. Ergo, we drivers set the expectation of timeliness, not the pax. It’s just that simple. If the pax doesn’t like it, there’s a bus stop down the street. Oh wait, those run on a schedule, too.