Advice to women drivers

Honestly as a women I don’t like nights. With lyft you can see a pic and a rating with uber you see a name. Never work past midnight cause you get drunks and they almost always rate you low. I have done it twice and while the money was good I regretted it because I felt uncomfortable both days and my ratings were lowered the 2nd time.

I am too a new Uber driver and a female as well. I try to pick up at establishments at night. Easier said than done but if you park at a mall you can get rides safely and quickly.

I’m scare to drive at night as a man in a nice car. You never know where you’ll end up, and if it’s a bad neighborhood, big trouble. I quit before midnight because that’s when your chariot turns into a pumpkin. Disney story taught us a lot, we shouldn’t forget…

Your biggest risk is from a “fake” passenger who is not your real passenger. Think about it…Uber has plenty of info to identify the real passenger, so a real passenger has a major deterrent to trying to take advantage of you.

A few uber dollars is Not worth your safety. Things get way more sketchy at night…It only takes one bad guy to change your life for the worse.

I’m not scared driving late, even if I do the bar scene. I am a confident, capable woman that expects respect & find that people treat me that way. Even the drunks.

I try to get a feel for my passengers before they get in. Once they are in it’s all business, I’ll chat with them but won’t get flirtatious and I’m conscious of the type of conversation I have. Some people try to argue but I choose not to indulge them so I shut up and get to their destination as fast as I can to get rid of them.

I’m fortunate to live in a populous area that I know well. I went out Saturday night and made $50 in two hours (before Uber’s gouge) from 6-8 pm, plus a $5 tip. Mostly people going out to eat or out to party, but I’m not desperate enough to close down the bars for the surge pricing.

Stick to days if you are new. Learn the areas, and if and when you do night trips, carry some pepper spray. I definitely would get a dash cam as well. Stay safe.

Female, driving for a year. Weekdays I drive into 1-3am. It depends where I pick up from. Born and raised in this city - know when/where to dodge.

I am a female driver, pepper spray check. My front driver seat has a front pocket that is where my 2nd cell phone is and that pepper spray. both of my cars have Onstar and Onstar family link. One car has onstar built in it the other has an Onstar FMV u can buy the device on ebay for around 30 bux I got mine at cartronics 99 with install.

I do not drive past 12 am though. I have been driving for a bit over a year and never (knocking on some thick wood) has my cars been puked in. I also will not take any request from sketchy areas. I keep my car in the upper end neighbor hoods/ airport/highend hotel areas and downtown lively area.

I just started driving. I’m on day 3. I only do weekday mornings and afternoons. I consider myself a strong female that can handle her sh!t. However, I will not drive at night. The majority of your clientele are going to be drunk people.

This might be old news but…the spare cell is a good idea. Pepper spray is t a bad idea. Just remember to cover your eyes just before you fire. Dash cam of course. Make a Uber/Lyft’s suggestion a hard and fast rule…make them say your name.

Go talk with the local police. They can fill you in on what types of crimes are being committed where and when and against who. They might also have a few additional suggestions.

Female driver here in Houston. single mom, I will not go into any details about my situation but…absolutely NO other form of income(no child support). I jumped in with Uber to drive exclusively at night because my dad is the only one that stepped in to watch the kids but could only be available at night.