Ad Systems in Ridesharing services? Yes or No?

I want to put ad systems in my taxi because i want my customers entertained during the commuting. I don’t want the regular ones, i want something maybe more interactive. What do you think? Would that have a negative effect on the customers or not?

Give Vugo a try and see how your customers respond to it. You have to be careful these infotainment systems because they are in the face of the customer and any type of annoying advertisement is going to have a negative impact.

When you say taxi, do you mean like an actual taxi cab or Uber/Lyft? I ask because taxis are regulated more than Uber/Lyft, so you might want to check with the city where you drive.

Tried it. Only played the same 3 videos. Waste of time and space.

It plays videos for your passengers. You get paid by the number of views… It also allows you to get tips on the tablet that plays the commercials.

You download the app from the app store.

This is the number one advertising company that is used in global ride sharing including Uber and Lyft. They average an hourly pay of $3 to drivers for every hour you are on the road so if you work a 8 hour day, you earn an extra $24 bucks that day to have it running in your car. Nothing to write home about but if you work 5 days a week, that is $480 extra a month to play with. A car payment or vacation money? I know some of you were looking at ways to increase your hourly average in revenue to make your driving more profitable. Here is one easy way.

It works and boredom is not interesting since you get paid anyway. This is a great source of passive income and it will increase over time, there will also be much more competition over time too, so expect a driver add war to come soon, where drivers will work with those that offer more.

@Darius I mean Uber/Lyft. You got a point there. I’ll need to be more careful.