Accident When Online On Uber? Compensation for lost wages or income loss

I have a question… yesterday a lady rear-ended my car…this happened during game time. It was surging 7.4 …I was not on a ride when it happened. Will the insurance company pay me for Uber lost wages or income loss? Or should I mention Uber at all?

Insurance breaks rideshare into three periods
One waiting for a ride
Two going to pick up
Three passengers in the vehicle
During 2&3 you are covered barely under the Uber or Lyft
During one your only covered under your company which most likely prohibits rideshare driving without the extra rideshare insurance. You can try to put it through without mentioning it, but if they find out which could be as easy as the police adding it to the report you get nothing.

None of that matters. He was rear-ended.

Correct he is not a fault but I’ve had friends deal with accidents where the driver at fault had no insurance, and if they need something done they have to go through their own

If you did not have a rider and were not going to pick someone up, then you were just driving around. This is a matter between you and the other driver’s insurance company, the only way yours gets involved is if the other driver is uninsured or underinsured, in that case, you were just out driving.

You were rear-ended, so it’s the other driver’s fault. You will talk to their insurance company and deal with them. If you tell the other person’s insurance company that driving is your sole income and you will be seeking lost wages, they may come back to you (like they did for me) and say “we will rent you a car that is approved for use for Uber” as that will be cheaper than paying you some sort of average of what you would make if you were driving your own car. That depends on your market and whether Uber allows an approved rental to be used for rideshare. If you can’t use a rental in your market, then you better be prepared to show daily records going back weeks for them to get an average daily or weekly rate. Fortunately, you have all of that on your phone in your ride history, though of course cash tips are not counted.

I was t-boned back in July I said something about being an Uber driver to my insurance. My wife was driving, and I was in the passenger seat. My insurance told me if I had logged on an hr before or an hour after the accident they would pay for nothing… They had contact uber to find out if I was online it took 20 days to hear back from uber before my insurance would do anything… So NO don’t say anything to your insurance about uber

Insurance companies nowadays will actually reach out to both Uber and Lyft to see if you 1. drive for them, and 2. were online at the time of the accident. Both companies will gladly provide them with that info.
This was explained to me by an adjuster who does it on a regular basis and has declined claims because the driver lied to them.

When I was hit (with pax in the car!), it was Uber insurance talking to their insurance. I asked for lost wages, and the other driver’s company paid extra for a rental car that I could use for Uber. I did not notify my regular insurance company, nor did the other driver’s insurance or Uber’s insurance.

If you have rideshare insurance, the repair will be covered. If you don’t tell them you were driving for uber/lyft or they 1,) won’t cover it and 2) may drop you from coverage for lying.
2) They might give you lost wages if you can prove it, but Uber and lyft will fight you all the way without timestamped screenshots and prompt reporting to all applicable parties.