Accident gave me flashback

Kinda off topic but wandering if any of you can relate. So since my accident I’m still having difficulty remembering all the details, but while watching a movie with an accident scene a particular sound, the one tires make when you loose control, took my breath away. Gave me a flashback… and my heart was racing… it left me shook and disturbed. Just wandering for any of you that have been in bad accidents did you experience anything similar and did it go away? I’ve only driven twice since the accident my husband drives me every where I need to go.

Yes I was in a deer accident last Tuesday cold night… anxiety / PSTD are related to truma… it should go away… try finding peaceful things to do and think about… lavender is good too

I didn’t drive for about 6 weeks but I didn’t have a car so that wasn’t hard. I hope so you need to get back driving soon and be better everyday.

It gets better. After I got mowed down on 85N, I had nightmares seeing the two guys that hit me basically in their car in my backseat. I had a panic attack the first time I drove by where it happened. The cup I was drinking from was still sitting on the wall where I pulled over for a good while. It definitely eases over time.

My gosh I’ve been having nightmares too I have been anywhere near where mine happened yet And I’m so glad you are okay.

I had several panic attacks the night of the accident which might contributed to why I can’t remember maybe. The worst was after that car hit my car and I was hit. I never imagined my body being hit by a car … that analogy will gave a whole new meaning for me

glad you’re ok, too. I was in bed crying for almost 4 days. I did manage to keep it together at my regular job but that’s about it and had some great tips with the lavender. Download the Calm app and get some meditation started.

I was in an accident last December, New Years Eve on my way to church. It was raining rather hard but I was determined to be there because my pastor is always on point. I was rear ended and now when it rains or there is heavy traffic, I have panic attacks. I sought out therapy which is helping me to overcome my fear.

16 months before the accident I posted the picture, I was rear ended in the rain. I’m glad you’re okay and that you have taken steps to take care of yourself. It’s really hard not to look in the rear view mirror every time I slow down.

not really. I got tboned while the other driver was going about 60-65. It has instilled a fear of crossing a highway at a stop sign but nothing that gets in the way of normal day to day driving

Yes, years ago I was at lunch, and was about to turn into Arby’s on North Druid hills and a Dodge utility van ran smack into me. Ummmm, she totaled my car and I walked away unharmed. Too this day, I put my flashers on when I am turning into somewhere

When I had my accident where I flipped my car 3 times, my uncle who picked me up at the time made me drive everyone home in his car. Worst feeling of my life, that’s what kept me from having issues with driving. You have to get back in that drivers seat and overcome your fears. That’s the best way to get better. It doesn’t have to be long distance or anything, just work your way every day up to driving around the neighborhood or even just to the store, but do it every day.

If you had an accident with your body like a broken arm or a torn ACL or something. The first thing they are gonna do is put you in a rehab program. Put yourself in a rehab program for your car accident. Gradually work your way back up to driving more and more and you will get there.

My accident was on the 23rd. I forced myself to drive. I forced myself to go thru the very intersection. My panics are less frequent now, but still there. The more time the more they fade, but I have to also force myself not to think about it.

You have ptsd. It sucks. But after a while it won’t bother you so much. It will always bother you. But not so much. Sorry doll, try to just breathe through it and try not to panic. You’re ok. Just keep telling yourself that like a mantra.

I was trained as a ptsd councilor. If you ever have a moment where you feel like you’re losing it, feel free to call me. I have a couple of military members that call me when they are in a panic and I walk them through it. I offer the same to you. Don’t text or message. Call. I’m always here.

I have been in several accidents. It’s worse when I’m riding passenger. I freak out in the passenger seat. Driving is fine. I have nightmares though. Pretty regularly. I’m totally fine when I’m driving though, oddly enough.