Accepting request pool/ line

I think it is pretty obnoxious to not use your air conditioning for those who request Pool/Line. It is really not their fault that Uber and Lyft created a ride tier that allows people to save money.

It is however your fault for accepting those kinds of rides and then complaining about them. It is extremely poor customer service to sweat people out over your own ignorance. The amount of gas used by your AC is minute, so why? What are you accomplishing? They won’t stop requesting Pool rides unless we stop accepting them. So until then, turn your air on or hit the “X” and skip Pools.

Why torture not only the rider, but yourself as well?

Since so many drivers seem to suck at math, I can understand why you think using the AC is costing you half of your gas tank​:coffee::frog:.

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Exactly. I just don’t understand how people accept a line or pool ride and then treat their customers like that. There is nothing right about it. Have you noticed those with low acceptance rates and low ride counts in some not all cases make more money

I definitely have. Because they are using their time wisely and making smarter choices. What’s an acceptance rate. :joy: You mean irrelevant rate? A/C is for me. God damn me if I’m going to sweat in my own car.

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My air doesn’t go off the entire summer. My car is set to 72 degrees. Winter and summer. It stays on 72 and adjusts accordingly. My azz to fat not to run mines. So mines not even going to the off setting. . And thats all I got to say about that

I run mine during the day but when the sun goes down the windows go down unless they ask for AC. No one has made big deal about it. That’s for any ride

Last night it was 81 degrees outside at midnight. Is that the temperature and humidity you want in your car for you and your riders? I would like to know the exact calculation of how much gas ac uses, i doubt its more than a penny on the dollar

I picked up a shared ride and the pax said someone showed up before me waited 2 minutes around the corner then cancelled. Some of these drivers are too much! My tip was nice too

I had a driver not turn his air up and it wasn’t a pool. As a Lyft driver (pt) and an occasional passenger, I hated to give him a 3 star but I asked him to turn the AC up and he moved it one notch… the ride couldn’t end soon enough for me…

If you don’t accept a ride request, doesn’t that ding you on your acceptance rate? .I’m new to Lyft and was asking a question. Sorry to bother. Some of us are trying to build not only a good reputation but a legitimate businesd as well. Come on ppl…grow up

You can skip rides. They don’t care about skipping rides. They do care about canceling a lot of rides. Your cancellation rate is what really matters. You cannot build a business doing rideshare. There is no way for a customer to ask specifically for you to be their future driver.

Running the AC is not run off gas therefore does not burn faster…not sure where these folks got that concept from :woman_facepalming: They trying there darn hardest to hold onto that and use as an excuse…technology says other wise so I agree with you

It used to in like the 70s. People learned from the parents.

It’s 2018 run the AC and be glad you born in an age with such an amazing invention.

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I hear that…but customers on an above 90% basis are such assholes, I’m always short and strict. If I ain’t hot, I don’t care. Just like I tell anybody and as the DMV states, as well as what’s known as driver etiquette, the most important individual inside a vehicle is always the driver. Their comfort, health, and state is what always matters. An uncomfortable driver is a dangerous driver.

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Yaaas, but I’m not about to open the trunk put your luggage in while your on the phone woman or man you can put your own luggage in from the bus station, your ride will be comfortable you can listen to what you want, pleasant conversation, but I’m not your Henchmen

I’ve rarely encountered an asshole driving bro. I’m not sure how you get 90%, may be something you doing wrong