Absolutely should use a tip sign or a tip cup or some method that encourages more tips

The question is not yes or no, but one of quality and method. The best thing to do for most people is to copy something that is worked. Has worked not is worked voice to text really stinks. Stand on the shoulders of giants and use a proven strategy. Most passengers understand that Uber drivers do not have tips included. They also understand that the Uber driver is a lowly profession, that does not have the included social pressure to tip, that say, a barista or taxicab does have. They know that you would like a tip, but they do not want to tip you

I drive a BMW X5 90 percent of my riders say this is the nicest Uber they have ever been in.I mean they are amazed I’m using this car to Uber yet less then 5 percent tip.When they do its 10 and 20 bucks.I think this is because Uber discourages tips for so long until they were sued.Some ask me how I like working for Uber ,I have notice when I tell them how much that day I made say 100 plus tips they tip

Which Guber office you work for Mr. Uber? Gotta give you guys credit for trying and in multi- cities no doudt. I have seen this “very” simular post today in other cities. Maybe just a coincidence.

People who feel a negative reaction to seeing tip jars and signs have a mental problem. Tipping by it’s very nature is optional. If you don’t want to tip, it’s perfectly rational not to. The negative reaction is irrational. Go see a psychologist.

I think it is important to get feedback on my posts and all thoughts are welcome. I appreciate the point of views that are offered, the cynicism is funny to me, and I welcome all form of critique and praise. I have a lot of respect for diversity and I appreciate each and every one of you all for taking the time to post your thoughts!

I have news for you, many drivers have some type of signage regarding tipping while they maintain their ratings and get the job done. How else are partners suppose to battle the no tipping is needed stigma or mantra that Uber has imprinted on the passengers? Obviously there are more than one way to skin a cat, however signage is used by many.

I opened the top of a Modelo beer can and placed a simple sign inside that reads “tips are appreciated”. It’s Velcroed to the lower part of my dashboard but still visible to the pax, some will probably disagree with my tactic…but what works for some, doesn’t work for all. I mostly drive late hours, so I’m mostly picking up the party crowd.

I saw a guy with a graph showing the rate cuts on his headrest. Below that it said tips are not included in the fare. Not sure it can get much worse.

Neither, it’s Especial. Liked the way the white can pops out with my black interior. It’s a great conversation piece, had a cop pull up on the side of me at the red light…I seen him do a double take at the can. Didn’t light me up, kept on my way.

Best tip a pax ever gave me was $80. Next best, a 50. Those are rare but very nice when they happen. I quit giving out water, wasn’t Perrier. People complained about the snacks. Quit carrying them, too. Had a pouch with charging units for just about everything.

People didn’t like the little bag they were in. Quit providing that. Best tips come from people in service industries, is, servers & people that work harder for their money.

uber has taken away that good old fashioned customer service. no tipping, no service. uber must change their policy and stop treating their drivers with disrespect and contempt.

$140 on a $16.00 2 stop fare. First drop was 1/2 a mile from the pick up. Guy got in and gave me a 100.00 Said were going to my place, the girls (daughter and niece) are coming in for a minute then I need you to take the home. I said you know this is a c-note right? He confirmed, and it went in my pocket.

I got 43 and 59 back to back one night. That was sweet too. 46 was 2 guys different drops, drop 1st, he gives me 6, other guys needs an atmosphere for cash to pay the hookers. He was German so we hit a few atms to find one that worked. 20 minutes or so total.

Working for 1970 cab rates but how dare you put a tipping sign up lol. Grow up suckers, you’re beating your car into the ground for minimum wage, you might as well at least try to get some cash from tips.

I don’t nor have I ever used a sign and, I most definitely have never asked for a tip. In fact, when offered, I refuse. Some drop it on console, dome drop it on floor, some insist I take it. Very few accept my refusal.