A tip will not describe who you are

Pick up this guy this morning from John’s Creek and he goes on and on about being a millionaire and owning so much property. Dropped him off at a expensive hotel in Lenox Road. He doesn’t tip…
Pick up a guy that looked like he was in homeless situation a lot of bags and a strong odor, dropped him off at Motel 6. He dug in a bag and give me a two dollar tip said he wish he had more to give me…
Happen about an hour apart today, another way god is teaching me :wink:

The rich never tip!!! My father was a rich man self made by the way he never spent a dime rich get rich by not spending same car for 25+ years no furniture or clothes only real estate

The rich don’t do more then they have to… That’s how they stay rich, unfortunately. But not even a dollar?
Would that really hurt a millionaire

Many people dont realize tippping is planting a seed into someones life. Blessing always follow. Unfortunately people in the position to tip usually dont. The lyft and UBER CEO is filthy rich!! Why u think they don’t pay the drivers like they should?? Perfect example

as a driver it is obviously not intentional bc that’s bad karma. As most of my trips are to the airport my only thoughts are getting to my gate in time. By the time I’ve landed I’ve completely forgotten about it. I may not use the app again for 3 days, so YES, I forget :roll_eyes:. The only time I remember is when I have to use it again in the same day, or if the service was exceptional and I want to leave a review.

I don’t use Uber as a pax ever. Lyft for the SkyMiles :woman_shrugging:t5:. I thiiiiink there’s a way to go back even further than that cuz I seem to remember doing it once when I got paid, but I don’t remember

do some research and see if you can add a tip to some of your recent Lyft trips.

I read a post on some page. An older gentleman was taken to the hospital by a Lyft driver and tried to add a tip 4 days later and their app would not allow it.

So Why don’t everyone tip?

  1. They forget.
  2. The high booking fee and service fee make some think, drivers pay is still good, like it was 4 years ago.
  3. Ashton Kutcher said they don’t have to on Kimmel.
  4. Their friends told them not to.

Alot of those people with money don’t know that pain of being without so it doesn’t even faze them. People that do know it tip because they know how meaningful it is. Its more than a tip, its a way to say you care and you hope they get to better days.

It’s sad bc those with money tend to be a lil stingy, and those who don’t have nothing to give will try to give something. I guess he felt like God got him! What’s the lesson for today? Dont judge a heart by its cover?

Tipping is a cultural standard for good service…unfortunately people are moving away from this due to the greed that has become even more prevalent in today’s society

I’ve worked in the service business my whole life hospitality industry and sales to restaurant management I always tip minimum 20% even if I got bad or no service you get a tip but only if I saw you were understaffed overworked you pretty much have to suck balls to not get a tip from me but alot of people suck balls so no tip for you sucka

If every rider would tip even 1 to 2$ they throw that much away on smoking, drinking and etc, etc, that would help with gas! It seems like the ones who tips the most are in the service industry so they know how it works.

I find the people with less money tip alot better but really it just boils down to game run game get a $20 tip on a $5 ride lol. More ppl could be rich if we knew how to use money. Money is a seed that should be used to grow more.

People who have money are not going to tip. I picked up many people in Buckhead nice home and all, not 1 tip. But karma comes back on them!
thats how it usually is…thats why rich are rich…lol