A tip for a safe ride

If you’ve requested a ride and had someone come and pick you up in this snow/ice and get you to your destination safely… there’s no excuse for you not to tip your driver. You should be ashamed of yourself.

Passenger told me it’s not much but here since you chose to come out when u didn’t have to. Exactly. I don’t care if it’s but a dollar. We need to all as uber drivers pitch in and do a commercial on tv on why you should tip your drivers!

I agree. My daughter baked cookies for the kids of the lady who offered to keep her yesterday and today while I worked after she refused money. My Tuesday rides were both truckers going to their lady friends and both told me stay home and gave me lovely tips. I didn’t even notice til the next day.

That is so true I feel like a lot of cheap ass mf use Uber for that reason even Uber eats. Only 1 out 5 customers tip that use Uber eats that’s why I do Doordash instead!

I made my daughter tip her UberEats driver yesterday. She had ordered early in the morning around 6am so the road conditions were real bad. Driver did not want to take the chance going downhill and not be able to get up. There were already several cars stuck on the hill and crashed into each other. So driver asked her to come up to the gate to get her food. I did not find out until I got home yesterday around 930pm from driving what had happened. Asked her if she tipped and she said no because she had to walk to get her food. Made her get on the app and tip him. He already is out in the snow risking his life for less than $5. My area is a $4.99 booking fee so I assume the driver gets less than that.
That hill was my first tackle of the day. Was doing good going up the hill but then the two cars in front of me stopped. So I had to stop. First rule when going up the hill is do not stop,do not press on the breaks. So did not make it on my first attempt. More cars tried and slid back down. Waited for all the cars to get out of the way. Backed up to a flat surface and went up with no problem. I would not have expected the UberEats driver to attempt that hill and not be able to make it back up.

Me: No. It’s just in case we get stuck.

Pax: Smart move. You must be from up top.

Me: Nope. I’m from here. My daddy taught me well.

$10 tip on a $20 ride. :+1:t2:

The tips were great for me yesterday. Yes had a couple that did not tip. But for they most part they tipped and expressed how grateful they were for me being out driving to pick them up.

I can even live with the show of appreciation cause i get it everybody just may not have it to spare but to show appreciation verbally is free. :fist:t4: 31 rides 14$ tip should blame it on myself for focusing on road instead of talking with pax BS

Picked up two ksu…students last night, they scheduled two stops, long story short…i waited on them to pick their food up for 15 minutes, you think they tipped a dime??

True!! Yesterday I made $24 in tips. I had so many of my riders saying they appreciate me picking them up. When they seen that I was from Minnesota they was to happy.

As a driver who uses Lyft and Uber a LOT on road trips when I fly…I have ALWAYS tipped every driver and by my choice have never, and will NEVER, request a Line or Pool. But that’s me. I’m nobody special.

I’ve always been a tipper as well. And I’m not about to do a pool and ride around the whole city while other ppl get dropped off. I want to go directly to my destination and don’t want anyone in the car with me.

Having money is not the issue. Doing the right thing IS. When is the last time you didn’t tip at a sit-down restaurant? The only time I remember not tipping is when the service was so bad that I took one bite of my food, and told the manager I was walking out and not paying for my meal.

I agree…ice on roads today and I got nothing. Next time I will slide just to scare them lol Same here. Always tip and none of that pool crap.