A story of break up in my car

Had a couple break up in my back seats today, ugly break up. Crying, “you don’t love me”, “you’ve lied to me all this time” and more crying. Awkward as could be :flushed: anyone else have a similar story??

Picked up a couple from a strip bar. They get in. She starts out the 45 minute drive bitching and complaining about him. Halfway through she stops and then he starts. I’m ready to pull my ears off at that point. We get to their house and they are holding each other and kissing on their way to the front door. Lol

I ask where the guy wants to get out end the rode and take the girl out for great rebound. or you could have offer her a shoulder to cry on just saying, you could be that rebound!

Dude got friendzoned in my van, then crawled to 3rd row and laid down til we got to his house. Girl told me after she wasnt going home and i dropped her off at a bar.

I had a guy cry in my car after I dropped his friends off 1st. I just let him cry, gave him a tissue and patted his shoulder. Life is hard. SOmethines people just need the space to let it go.

I had a fare yesterday and the Mom sat up front, Daughter and Son in the back and they had an argument over the daughters friend who is a male but identifies as a female (he’s transitioning). The Mom got really ugly (admitted to being a homophobe and hates LBGT…even though her daughter falls into that category)
It took so much for me to just drive, bite my cheek and get them home.

Yes, multiple times now…but I’ve done over about 13K rides with Uber now. I actually kicked out the last riders who did this cause they brought open alcoholic containers into my car and when I asked what they were they drank em in my car and threw them out the window and I hate littering so I asked them to get out and pick em up and they refused so I ended the trip and called Uber to tell them how wonderful they were and I got a cancellation fee even though I didn’t qualify for one. Some people have issues = get it…and some people are just assholes = get that too…but I don’t put up with some behaviors like disrespect, littering, open containers, and so on…not gonna happen anymore on my watch or well until I get deactivated :wink:

What gets me the most is out of all places to talk they chose an Uber. Fucking stupid . The drama is usually welcomingly entertaining since most rides are boring AF! :grin:

I picked up this couple from an apartment building. I said “good evening how are you guys doing?” Which the female said right away “he could be better” I did an awkward chuckle and just didnt say anything else because I figured it wasnt gonna be a pleasant ride. Then while driving she says “I love how you lie to me saying you dont k ow who this girl is yet all your friends associate you with her” the. She kept saying I wish you would die. I’ll collect all the money. God I hope you die" at the end of the ride the gentleman got out first
Then as the woman was getting out I turn around and say “have a great night!” In which she said "oh I will but he wont that little dick mother fucker "

Her: “I can’t believe you did that. You’re drunk! Why did you get drunk?”

Him: “don’t worry about it”.

Her: “don’t worry about it? You ruined my brother’s wedding. How could you do this”

Him: “he’s alright. I’m sure they’ll be fine”

Her: “I’m so glad we’re going home tomorrow. I don’t even want to see you”

I had a College girl in my car yesterday that failed a big math test and she got her Mom on the phone and damn it was over…crying so bad.

I had a couple get engaged in my car. He was taking her to a park and then it started pouring down rain. We sat next to the park and he proposed - she said yes.

nce a couple was screaming at each other as they were loading groceries into my trunk because I picked them up at a grocery store. They got in the car, and one said to the other that they aren’t talking anymore, the car was dead silent from then on, other than my music…and of course, what happens to start playing? A string of love songs/songs about break-ups. I was laughing and also dying internally :sweat_smile::joy:

No break ups but a couple who kept telling each other how sexy each other was. And the husband couldn’t stop touching the wife. Awkward 16 minutes ride. But they tipped me well. Lol

I had one of these. They made out pretty much the entire fifteen minute ride. Like loud, sloppy slurping noises coming from my backseat :flushed:. So awkward

Yes, a girl telling her boyfriend she was done. I picked him up first, we talked. Picked her up, he was like can’t this wait til we get home…really sad for him

Many of these passengers do these things to make you guys feel awkward or to get some form of attention from the Driver or whatever it may be. I call them Uber Trolls. A normal person wouldnt start doing or saying some of the things you guys mentioned on an Uber ride that’s only 10 minutes

I picked up 1 young college student who was standing in the campus driveway walking toward my car screaming at her bf… he went to get in and she screamed no, no you’re not going with me, it’s over… I’m done with you! He walked away… they argued on the phone the entire way almost and then she got dropped off at a club…:woman_facepalming: meanwhile, she asked me if I had any candy, and proceeded to tell me I should always carry candy as an uber driver for my riders to enjoy. She also asked me to turn up the music which was fine but then wanted to hold a conversation with me and the person on the phone… so no one could hear her…lol

Same thing happened the girl wanted him to drop out of Dr. school he had to choose between her and his school do you know what he chose
Smart kid

Yes tonight I had a couple, guy arguing about the girl flirting with guy in a :cowboy_hat_face: cowboy hat n some other 24, or was it 42?:eyes:year old. Then he starts screaming at her n, later calms down and starts laughing about the soap they stole from the bar bathroom out of the dispenser :roll_eyes::woman_facepalming:t4::woman_shrugging:t4::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: