A ride with the Marketing Director

This morning I gave a ride to the Marketing Director for Mercedes-Benz stadium. She told me that not only is Lyft their official ride share partner, but that there are plans to geofence Uber requests out of the stadium with cops ready to give tickets to Uber drivers trying to pick up.

While I’m all for better organization for these event pick ups, I feel this high level of fuckery will not turn out like they want…

Yeah, try telling people that they can’t use Uber to get home and they’ll just walk out of the fence and request their ride anyway, creating the madness they are trying to avoid.

I’m sure this will change, but I wanted to give everyone the heads up since Uber/Lyft tells us nothing.

Right they’ll just walk to marietta st or one of the side streets. Yep! I mean with 75,000 people it’s going to be chaos. Do they really think the cops are going have time to write thousands of tickets? :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Yeah, but that’s at most 50,000…Mercedes Benz is like 75,000. There’s just no way I can see APD stopping in the middle of the madness to check stickers. More than anything they’ll want folks out of there quickly and safely.

I tried to tell her how that worked out for Uber at Suntrust, but she seemed confident that everything was under control. eyeroll OK…lol. Geofence Uber out from getting requests? The dumb shit I hear on a Saturday.

How tight does that geofence need to be considering that there are multiple venues around the dome? And from what I can tell, the only geofence that is taking place is kicking black folks out of the main office. Fuck lyft.

he only upside I can see is that Lyft doesn’t have the Prime cap that Uber puts on their surge. But still, pax are going to do what they want. I give it 3 weeks before it changes. How can u tell ur patrons who they can and can’t use for transportation?? Uuggghh

Riders don’t care which platform they use - specially when Lyft is going to lower their rate for the Pax (the driver will receive their standard rate). That itself is a headache

Who goes in the stadium anyways to pick up…traffic to get in and out with a possibility of a down the street trip lol…Make money do not let it make you!
By the time u get to the person they either cancel on you or it is down the street

Hustling backgrounds because I do not go into traffic and still get a cap surge or prime time ride from the games and most likely have time to come back and catch another one🤔 Experienced pax do not request from the dome…either they know the surge is lower somewhere else or to get out of the traffic. So i guess they are backwards too…

I live by there. They been trying to keep Uber away from this area. Police need to get off their PHONES and worry about possible attacks on CNB. They are the next target easy quiet as its kept.You all can have the whole area. I do not even turn on App unless it is EARLY morning or late evenings and a surge

How do you geofence a product that’s not yours? That’s what I was thinking,
She may have not have a good understanding of how these apps work, but I wanted to share just in case…

They are an official partner on ad space end of story. APD ain’t getting involved in Uber vs Lyft.
Maybe you picked up a dome chik fa la worker and the actual vp or marketing. Did she take a line? They are hitting a level of petty that borderlines illegal.

If that’s remotely true, it’ll be interesting. Uber is the household name, most of my older (tipping) customers are only using it. Most pax use both. They likely won’t care which. Plus Lyft will offer incentives to use.

Personally guven all of the software manipulation and dirty tactics Uber uses, I am here for the petty. And hopefully, then fight between them will result in ba win for us…not sure how, but I’m hoping for a win.

quiet as kept…Lyft is making power moves with the companies that run Atlanta…they have the partnership with Delta and now MB. UBER better watch out.

I was downtown doing pickups from GA State and wondered what a Rideshare partnership with a college would look like money wise for drivers. They just did one in Los Angeles with one of the big schools and the school pays for their rides from 7pm to 2am and lyft is their official ride provider …so yeah uber better watch out…