A review of Uber Ride Pass

As part of Ubers passenger service and in line with their constant desire to upgrade the passenger experience, Uber has created Ride Pass, with offers the passenger a guaranteed price including a discount (if applicable) for many rides that qualify for the pass and this defers the upfront fee for 28 days.

A pass might cover only the first $25 of a ride, which means that the passenger will pay the guaranteed price and the difference in the actual ride price. This delta (the difference between the ride pass fare and the actual fare) is only valued at the end of a ride, where the driver's app will show the full fare. If a ride is valued less than the actual Ride pass fee, then the passenger will only pay the lower amount, and the pass is still redeemable.

Ride Passes are available for purchase in some US cities, and they last for 28 days, the details of every pass value differ in each city. Here is a breakdown of the Pass Fare fees per city: (The city name links you to the relevant Uber page)

Boston: $1.99 Uber Pool rides, $4.99 UberX rides

Chicago: $2.49 Uber Pool rides, $4.49 UberX rides

Los Angeles: $1.99 Uber Pool rides, $3.99 UberX rides

Miami: $1.99 Uber Pool rides, $4.99 UberX rides

New York City: $2.99 Uber Pool rides, $5.99 UberX rides

San Diego: $2.99 Uber Pool rides, $4.99 UberX rides

San Francisco: $2.49 Uber Pool rides, $4.99 UberX rides

Seattle: $2.49 Uber Pool rides, $4.49 UberX rides

Washington, D.C.: $2.49 Uber Pool rides, $4.49 UberX rides

Ride Pass Coverage

Ride pass covers the following details, but must first conform to these requirements:

  • They must start and end within the city's pass area
  • They must cost less than the maximum value of the specific ride

This means that if you are a passenger on a ride with a value exceeding the Ride Pass coverage, then you will be asked to pay the difference between the pass and the final ride price. If the ride is less than the value of the pass, you will pay the lower of the two values.

Ride Pass Validity

Ride passes can be used only one at a time; customers can purchase a batch of passes if they want to, depending of course on their scheduled requirements. Since Ride Passes have a time limit of 28 days, you should keep an updated record of usage when purchasing more than one, so you don't end up paying for a ride you never take. However, if you purchase a new ride pass before an old one expires, the old one will continue into the new one.

Ride Pass Auto-renewal

Passengers can use auto renewal which authorizes Uber to initiate automatic renewals for ride passes. Auto-renewal is charged on the date of purchase and then every 28 days from that initial date. So auto renewal purchases automatically for two more times, which means you only get three purchases including the original purchase.

Credit Decline

If the passenger's credit card is declined, Uber will contact them to add a new method of payment. Uber will also cancel an auto payment by its initiative without the passenger's authorization.

Cancelling Auto Renewal

Passengers can cancel the auto-renewal process 24 hours before a scheduled payment. To cancel, you must go to the Ride Pass section in the Uber app and turn off the Monthly auto-renewal button.

Turning off auto-renewal only cancels automatic payment, passengers can purchase Ride Pass for as long as the service is offered.

The big question: Is paying upfront worth the bother?

Let's take a look at Uber ride costs and evaluate if the Ride Pass fee is worth bothering about. Remember, for a more expensive ride you pay the difference, and for a cheaper ride you pay less, so what exactly are you getting? (Bottom line, if you read the last sentence carefully, you are paying exactly what you paid before but with bells and whistles attached to make it look like your getting a good deal.)

Some people market the Ride pass as unlimited rides on 28 days; this is a bogus claim and untrue. In fact, when you read Ubers Ride Pass page you get the real picture as explained above.

Let's take a closer look at how Uber describes the service:

  1. _ _ "…a pass may only cover the first $25 of a trip. So for trips where the actual fare would exceed that max amount, you'll pay the guaranteed price plus the overage."

This means that if the trip or trips taken go over the pass set limit, the rider will pay the difference.

  1. " For those few trips that happen to fall below the price guaranteed by the pass, we'll charge you the lesser amount, but your pass will still be redeemed."

This means that the lower amount will be taken.

Analysis: if the trips taken go above the passes set limit you pay the difference if below you pay less. So what is the real value of a Ride Pass?

A Philadelphia Ride Pass Package

Philly riders have two choices, a one time 20 flat rate rides costing $10 for activation or unlimited costing $20 for activation. These options unlock a 28-day access to a $2.99 Uber Pool ride and a $5.99 UberX ride.

But remember, if the ride costs more than $2.99 or $5.99 you pay the difference! So where is the discount?

There possibly is one, but since most riders don’t get the chance to test this subscription out it’s hard to do the real math. We would like Ride Pass passengers o send in their calculations so we can see if this is real or just a misdirection.