A prearranged ride

I have done this on occasion. I had a pax that I took to meeting and wanted me to take her to the airport at 3:00. I told her I would be there at 5 to 3 and when she was ready request the ride in the app, I would get the ping and she would ride with me. As long as it all goes through the app Uber gets the business and gets paid, and you get paid. It’s legitimate.

I thought I heard you aren’t allowed to ask them to request you at the pickup spot! If that’s the case, how can you give someone your card and ask them to call you for future rides. This is confusing as crap.

I’ve had several pax ask me if I would take them to work every morning. Swap numbers, set a pick up time and I would text them on arrival and log on and wait for the ping. Never had any issues.

We are contractors, that’s like saying you are using angieslist as a moving company and the next time the family needs to move, they aren’t allowed to call you directly. How could they enforce this with 1099 contractor laws in place to protect contractors.

Yesterday I was sitting in a Target parking lot and got a ping from a lady at Target. Uber is set up to give the pax the closest driver. Sounds like your reading to much into this. Just don’t do it. Problem solved. lol

Yupp, and Uber says in their contract that you agreed to, that you can be deactivated for prearranging rides. Uber has no boundaries, they overstep wherever they like.

Uber uses proximity, if you are closest to the bar where pax is having drinking, you will get ride request. Unless…proximity to pax is no longer how uber does requests as of tomorrow.

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I have found that 100% of the time, If my car is almost pulled up to the table where the pax are eating dinner (without having my bumper against their salads) - I will get that ride request.

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Being the closes to a pax and getting a request is different than soliciting that pax for future trips via Uber or any other FHV/Taxi company,“as you being the assigned driver”, which does not work like this with Uber or any Taxi FHV company, unless the company is OK with it and got that request via the customer only to use you when you are available.

A prearranged ride is not gaming the system if the passenger successfully orders the driver through the app upon arrival. Uber is getting paid and no cash is changing hands. I know of one specific driver who has been given tacit permission by Uber to do this. Uber is getting paid and everyone is happy.

Of course they have, because that’s what they told you, which is utter nonsense. I want you to contact Uber and ask them if you can do this, and please get back to us with the Uber email that tells you you can.

If a pax puts in a request for an UBER through the app and you happen to be the nearest driver and get the request through the app it’s really of no concern to anyone else as to how you happened to be the closest driver.

Suppose you have a prearranged ride with a relative who wants to try out the Uber system. You go to his house at the prearranged time. He comes out, gets into your car and orders a ride. You get the ride request, accept it, and drive him where he wants to go. Is this a street hail?

Uber only pays you as an independant contractor so they can pay you less than minimum wage and avoid paying you the benefits that you are entitled to by law. In all other aspects Uber treats you as an employee to keep total control over you.

What you’re referring to is that Uber does not have (and agrees not to have) a formal, electronic, advance reservation system for passengers coded into their application. This is different than an informal, private arrangement between driver and passenger who requests a ride upon arrival.

Does anyone have a link to the drivers terms of service and or conduct which states we cannot allow pre-arranged rides? Ive looked on the uber driver partner page and have found nothing to that effect. Where is uber hiding this info?