A pax get my information for some reason

Add one!!! Just had to turn away a pax along with her small child and boyfriend at SouthDekelb​:european_post_office: Mall. Ofcourse her comeback was no one has denied her a ride​:oncoming_automobile: because she didn’t have a car seat​:seat:. Lyft needs to have an option for pax who do not have a car seat​:unamused: (Did you just really say that shytt​:thinking:.) While exiting my car she tells her boyfriend make sure you get her information. Ma’am no laws have been broken however, there is a law that requires a 5 year old to be in a car seat! Than that bychttt slammed my door!:triumph:

I woulda slammed her head to the door if I was you. sometimes we gotta pick and choose our battles😃 My 11 yr has kept me from putting this hands on folks. Gotta support him.

What was she gonna do with your info? Report that you wouldn’t let her break the law and bring you down too? Smh. She smart like a box of rocks!:neutral_face:

If you wait for the timer to hit ZERO… it will give a NO CAR SEAT cancellation option. Make sure you have updated your driver app! Yup. Get. That. Money. Drag out the convo if you have to, don’t let em cancel before you get paid!!!

Oh WOW… didn’t know that. Thanks for sharing! I cancelled my damn self😔 Won’t ride out again without selecting that✌If they cancel after she shows up, you still get the prize

You know, I keep seeing these no car seat post and really question why these women become parents. How could you as a parent who supposedly love your child not be concerned about your own child’s safety. I really don’t get it, I have 2 kids granted they are older now, I never once transported them in a vehicle without a car seat. It’s not like they are so expensive that you can’t afford one. The man child she was with is a poor excuse for a man, how could you allow a child to not be in a car seat, even if it’s not your child, if you with her it becomes your responsibility to be the adult if she isn’t. That’s just sad, I feel sorry for these kids being raised by these irresponsible parents.

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See that’s my fear… these parents are going to start getting crazy for us doing the right thing. Lyft/Uber need to identify if they have a child and make them indicate if they have carseat. If not they aren’t able to make ride request. Now trust me as a parent you need to be more concern then me. And you should understand the law was created to keep them safe but that’s a another issue!

I’m going to ask some serious questions

  1. If uber/lyft issues decals to operate lawfully, why not issue or require drivers to have carseats or booster seats to do the same?
  2. When was the last time you saw a parent walking around the mall/grocery store carrying a carseat?
  3. In an emergency situation i.e. auntie has to pick the child up from daycare, would you deny her the ride?
    Not judging because it is everyone’s individual business. I’m just wondering

I feel you but I researched it after asking the same… They have portable ones for $20.00 that convert into a backpack. They can go online. I was thinking #2 while reading the post… And the child was 5… At that age a car seat is debatable

If drivers supply the car seat, it would be on you if that car seat malfunctioned during an accident. I have grandkids and was gonna supply one then spoke to my friend who is a lawyer and quickly changed my mind. Accident. Buckle too tight, etc. Anything can be blamed on you. I don’t need the drama

The issue is holding head in place, especially in newborns. There is no " one size fits all " car seat to my knowledge. My last child was 12 lbs at birth btw. Still a newborn. Lol

It’s not my responsiblity to provide a carseat for someone else’s child. I don’t have any babies but when they were babies, I tug around two of them.:pensive: They now make carseats on wheels. Again not everyone is a mother just because you gave birth. When you deliver a baby and the nurse wheels you to the car with your newborn, don’t have a carseat and see if you ride off into the sunset.:confused:

I turned a man and his child down for no car seat. He was livid, he said the car seat is in his wife’s car. That statement alone indicated that he knew the rules about it. I’m pretty sure he ordered another driver that took him without one.

The problem is taxis are exempt from seatbelt laws but Uber / Lyft is not. I keep a couple of booster seats in my hatchback. I have had many pax use them. Problem solved (for ages 4-8 anyway!)

I can appreciate that but Im stuck on the side of liability being that I’m in the insurance business. If you were to get in an accident and the individual deem that the injury was cause by the booster/carseat provided… your good intentions could cost you your livilhood in a blink of an eye. Its not worth it…make adults responsible for theirs!