A pax advice me of something

Dropped a pax off at the airport and he says “Im a Lyft driver and I want to offer you some advice”

Me: okkkkayyy

“You have good music, you drive awesome but try to converse more and get to know your pax better personally and allow them to get to know you because you are stunning”


I was super confused. Im not here to be personal or apeed date. I’m here to speed their ass to the next location. WTF

That’s great advice lol… Get to know your pax? Trying to get to know this money Exactly!!! They think you are supposed to interview them or something :rage::rage::rage:
Ignore that pax’s suggestion. Humph! Next rider!!!

No… No.

As a pax I hate chatterbox drivers. Doubly so if they’re trying to kiss my ass.

Chill. I’ll still tip.

Hahaha that’s like the only one star I have. I got a one star cuz I didnt want to be your best friend during your five minute ride?! I’m a little hurt I haven’t received an invite to their wedding tbh

I don’t force conversation if a person doesn’t seem like they want to talk… if after the initial greeting they get quiet, we just gonna be listening to V103 until you get to your destination playa…

.the passenger said your amazing and should spread it more and you have an issue with that? He or she didn’t complain about a defect in their experience with you but you posting this why??? I didn’t look at it as her being a woman and talking to men to please them I’m talking about the compliment from a PEER who may be in this group giving a fellow driver a compliment.

I got two 1 stars for that I drive safe I have good music I have a charger in back for iPhone and Android I’m very polite but I’m not that let’s talk driver if you converse I will as well but I’m focused on the road not missing turns and other non drivers around me. These people are crazy. lol :joy:

I don’t know what to do sometimes it just depends on the pax , if they asking me a bunch of questions I’ll talk but in i great you and ask you how you doing and I start looking out the window I’m not talking unless u say something .

You must adjust to the personality and mood of your pax to maximize tips and rating. If you are not interested in tips, then there is no obligation to converse. here is some convo for you…get the fuck out and tip on the app

Lol not all pax willing to have a conversation@talking to pax sure get you more money tips wise . Lol it would probably get you more tips. You don’t owe them shit, but shit dig in them pockets

I get more tips and better ratings when I talk to pax. I have days I really don’t want to. But tips are minimal on those days and people rate lower or not at all when I don’t converse with them. I find just a couple minutes at the start of the ride is enough. A quick story about my kids, then if they don’t keep the convo going we can go back to quiet.

Take that as a compliment and just say Thank You.
Not a matter of getting personal, more of just being a little more sociable and making the rider more comfortable.
He noticed that you are probably a very nice person
No biggie

I think it makes PERFECT SENSE TO GET TO KNOW THE STRANGER BEHIND YOU IN YOUR CAR . Just saying you could deter a mental nutcase by showing alittle personality. Definitely want a stranger knowing all my personal business :roll_eyes:

Honestly if you actually talk to people you’ll realize that you make more money that way. I get tips all day long because I talk to people and am friendly. When people get in my car I read their mood. If they aren’t in the mood to talk then I don’t talk to them, but if they wanna talk we talk about all kinds of stuff till I drop them off and tell them to have a great day :blush:

No don’t take that advice.

, cus every customer don’t want u talking their head off , some customers Hate a talking Rideshare driver.

Here’s my advice a simple “how r u doing” and then let the customer spark up a conversation if they do keep going and if they don’t then don’t talk… u gotta read the vibe of the each individual customer is different to see if he/she is in the Mood to be talkative.

Some like to talk and some like to be left alone. If they clearly want to be left alone and you persist in engaging them you’re not doing them any favors. Some writers just want to talk and not Converse. They’re not interested in what you have to say they’re just looking for a chance to say what they need to say. It’ll be very obvious which type they are when you start to converse with them.

It’s good to know how to make small talk for when the passenger wants to talk but you really don’t headed off with them. But for the ones you do hit it off with the conversation will be pleasant.