A lot of you can make more money by working odd hours and long hours

A lot of you can make more money simply by reading the emails Uber sends to you. Most always those emails state that working during the early morning hours is going to make you more money. However, no matter what anyone says no one is going to be starting at 3:30am like I do. No one is going to put in a 12 hour day or work 7 days a week. Instead, they will just do what they want to do and make less cash. They will work when they feel like it and that will usually be during the hours which are best for them personally.

At 3:30am when I look at the Uber passenger app Im going to be the only one “online” no matter how many times I put it up here. Oh well…

I tried hanging out in Columbus’ richest suburb (Dublin/Muirfield) during 4 t0 8 AM weekdays. I had more days of absolutely nothing for 4 hours than I had days where I got an airport run. The $40+ trip is nice when it comes in though… but days of nothin’ for hours are painful.

It could be that there is just far more awareness of Uber in the NYC market than there is in smaller markets like Columbus. Parking is also far more expensive at NYC airports. One can park for $6 a day a Port Columbus. They’d have to park for weeks before two $40 Uber trips would be cheaper than just driving to the airport and parking.

You have no idea that here are former taxidrivers with 20+ years of experience in the business that you just recently started.| 12 hours shifts are standard since ever !

There are three major airports (JFK, Newark, La Guardia) and other smaller airports in the area. Parking at all of them is expensive and so is just getting to the parking lot (14 dollars to cross the GWB).

I could be wrong, but Im willing to bet most people would just be in bed at 3am rather than getting out there in the car and getting a fare. Im willing to get out of here at 3am, sleep in my car and whatever else it takes. Looking at most people around here in my area. People that I know and just see on the street. No way they are going to get out there and do what it takes.

Yes, if you are young, single and willing to work basically every hour you are awake
it can be done… no thanks, not for me.

If you want us to believe the $2k a week then please post several of your invoices. Until you do, I will file your comments along with those who have seen rainbow farts coming out of the asses of flying unicorns.
At NJ rates of 1.10 a mile, $2k means you are putting over 1500 miles on you car a week, 78,000 miles a year.

This week especially. Almost all of Northern Jersey is either in the red (surge) or yellow (about to surge). I bet if you worked 24 hours this holiday weekend getting minimal sleep where I am you could make a grand in just a weekend. Its just a matter of getting out there and doing it. If you put in the hours and place yourself in key areas it can be done.

When you see the Uber advertisement saying something like you can make 10 grand a month there are people doing it. The fineprint is that you have to put your back into this and get out there making yourself available.

let’s see your $2000 invoices please. Also that actually means that your fares of that week would be over $2500 before Uber takes there $1 safety fee and 20 per cent. So say you average mile is 1.10 + .18 a minute, you are driving close to 1900 miles a week. If you are doing airport runs to JFK and LaGuardia the $20 extra is all but eaten up as you cross the Hudson River and then the rfk triboro, Whitestone, throgs neck, or etc crossings.

Im not posting anything up here for privacy reasons and I would discourage anyone from doing the same. You can believe what you want. Im not going to reveal any information where someone at Uber can track me.

is there a $1 safety fee for NJ? i believe we were told Connecticut, NJ, and NY were all run out of the NYC uber office, and there is no $1 safety fee in NY

Why do people always list people skills as a reason for making more money? Do you pick up passengers that decide to extend their ride because they are so fascinated with you?

In a place like Florida or Texas where its not as populated I can imagine the Uber market being a bit soft. In Jersey its very populated especially in the northeastern parts. There is no issue getting fares here even late at night or early in the morning. Its just a matter of putting in the hours which many of you dont want to do or cant do.