A lot of wasted time

I had to wait for a Domino’s pizza carryout then another pax had me go to a jack in the box where the line was way too long, deviate to a Wendy’s that turned out to be closed, then ended up in a McD line. He did tip $16 so I kinda forgave him and gave him a four rating (vs. The two he was going to get cause i waited for him for about 8 min as well). I also waited for someone to stop at WalGreens once. This has begun to irritate me since the vast majority of the fare is mileage while time is negligible.

Yeah,why would passengers who are paying get to make stops along the way. Especially after only tipping 16 bucks. And those wasted miles between restaurants? Yeah you got screwed.

I only do it for females who are attractive. No fatties. If they don’t match this criteria I’d make an excuse like “Uber sent us an email the other day saying we can’t make fast food stops and they monitor our locations with the GPS”.

Your passenger gave you a $16 tip yet you gave him a 4 star rating? This is concerning to me. Unless the passenger did something wrong that you did not post, in my opinion, I think you need to stop driving for Uber. Your passenger is the passenger other Uber drivers would love.

The $16 tip is probably more than you would’ve gotten with the 20 minutes or so you lost between waiting for the passenger and the fast food run-around. btw I’ve had 1 tip in my 2+ months of driving. I don’t think you need to “stop driving for Uber” like Doug said, but I would give a 5 star after that tip.

I do the same regardless of how attractive the females are. Not going to waste the time or put up with customers who think my back seat is a picnic table for drunks.

For starters, if someone tips you 16 for the ride you described it’s automatically 5 stars.

Secondly it’s one thing to go through a drive through but to wait for a pizza to be made is a good 20 to 40 minutes. With the drive thrus you usually bite the bullet and hope it goes fast or they tip or at least buy you lunch or all of the above. If they don’t, then you rate accordingly.

He got a 4 because I was VERY irritated with him regardless of the tip. The pizza situation had just happened and was ordered in my car and they insinuated a tip that I didn’t get. As far as the other, I arrived at the house party he was at. There was a group outside, I waited and then asked I’d anyone had called an Uber.

well we do get 25cents/minute to wait…but $16 tip? i probably would have given him a 5 star regardless of how bad a pax he was unless he tore up my car or something

OK…I get your point. $16 should’ve made up for it all. I get it. But in the spur of the moment, I was agitated. If giving him a 4 instead of a 5 makes me a horrible driver, so be it. But emotion and irritation at the moment got the best of me. I was wrong.

I’ve told people when they say that "I’ve heard that before ", then they say, you never heard it from me. And the hamburger for a tip, rich people pull the same crap in limousine companies. Hey you want something to eat ? No,then no tip. Or if you say yes, then you still don’t get a tip.

i guess if they offer you something from the drive thru, pick something non-perishable and take it home for later. when you don’t get tipped atleast you got something for a later time.

People use the same trick in the limousine business, I’ll be back in 5 minutes, 3 hours later they come back. They tell you I’ll be back in 5 minutes so that you don’t take off and make sure you’re still waiting for them. Especially if they run in and won’t take your phone number.

What would they say if you told them you would wait, but were going to cancel afte 5 minutes and they would have to request a new ride every 5 minutes. That would be good enough wait time for not moving for me.

Drive thru I’ll put up with but your getting rated lower regardless of tip. I earned the tip, you earned the rating. Anything else its standard: Pickup times are less than five minutes, request a driver when your ready again and let me help someone else who needs it now. End trip, good bye.

I occasionally get riders who want to ‘stop real quick.’ Honestly, its yet to be an issue. Sometimes its a convenience store stop and sometimes a drive through. I simply tell them in advance that there is no eating in the car. Only one drunk passenger objected, but they sat there quietly with their fast food bag until they got to their home.

I am a Taxi, I pick you up and drop you off, that’s it, no pit stops on the way, especially for food, go buy your own car if you want to go for a shopping spree.

I always say we are busy to night and I have to get back on road & up to now I had rejected there offering for tips by saying no thank you, just paying for your ride make me happy. But by offering water and gum and radio and aux , air condition control to pax collected 50 to 100 a week