A little shaken right now

I HATE that section of 75S right past Grady where you have the entrance ramps onto Hwy 20 AND Turner Field exit AND Auburn Ave (I think). So basically 4 exits in like 1/2 mile. It’s too much and I always see accidents there. This morning on route to drop off at the airport driving in the right lane going the speed limit and in morning airport traffic there are 3-4 cars stopped in the MIDDLE of the left lane! Looked like a small chain accident. But going almost 60mph it’s almost impossible to break and I couldn’t move over to my left so had to swerve right as if going onto 20 to avoid collision. AND try to avoid hitting those cars correctly getting onto Hwy 20. So as I literally avoided hitting the last car by inches when I swerved the car directly behind me in my lane RAMMED the back of the car I should’ve hit! I feel so bad for that person. It was unavoidable and it should had been me that hit the car! I took the PAX to the airport and now sitting at the RAA trying to shake that! PLEASE PLEASE move accidents off the highway! And please be careful out here.

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collect info then move! Snap a pic of the tags the accident and exchange insurance cards. Then move the car, besides hit n runs n GA will benefit the victim, and Carry’s no deductible in GA.

Glad your safe, I’ve had to few too many close calls in that area… So now I always go the far left to avoid idiots around that area then merge back after I20…

It was crazy! I really hope the person behind me and the person who was just sitting in the other car are ok. But YES, these people have to realize they’re in the way and either MOVE or get out of the car if they are able bodied.

Unfortunately, that’s something I’ve noticed with Atlanta drivers. They will sit in the middle of traffic until police arrives causing further accidents and traffic. In Miami, no matter how bad the accident is, if we can possibly move the car, we will. Just be grateful it wasn’t you.

Thats Fact. It’s like the whole fukin world just up and said let’s move to Atlanta. Especially after the hurricanes. Traffic is horrible all times a day now and it’s stuffie😂 This bitch from Texas threw a plastic bottle at my car cause I wouldn’t let her over in time to make the light😠 bridges falling. We need a mass transit system.

It’s Atlanta drivers man lol… even before the hurricanes and alot of people came down here, Atlantans were/are bad. They just know how to go straight, fast… no maneuvering skills. Stop on hwys, block traffic for a quarter size dents, and ride on tires as smooth as a balloon… lol… Can’t drive in rain and when snow fall shit shuts down lol ijs… imo

See…that’s why idgaf…i always leave a good 5-6 car lengths between me and the car ahead on that damn 75… Always some drama

driving the speed limit and braking when some aggressive driver darts in between you and the car in front of you. On the city streets, if I can’t see the rear tires touching the pavement of the car in front of me while driving, then I’m too close. If you’re riding my azz while on the expressway I try to get over but if not I will slow down until they feel like going around me. When you’re in an accident, your car is never the same, you are inconvenienced for weeks, and everybody is trying to avoid paying for your damage and making you whole; screw that, avoid the damage zone.

I’m referring to times when your actually able to drive 50+mph like homie in the post , otherwise in rush hr you can see everything ahead of ya and shouldn’t have to risk a unforeseen collision

The car behind you were following you too closely . Glad to hear that you are ok. I hate that area too. You gotta be fully alert in that area. Any area for that matter.

That’s not true! If no one is hurt and the cars are drivable u can move the car. Police aren’t required to respond to accidents. If that was the case folks who exchange info and keep it moving would catch fines when reported to insurance. Also have u ever seen the signs that says move accidents out of traffic.

Perhaps. Maybe not illegal but its better if you can get a report done for insurance purposes. They drag it to court sometimes.

But every wreck I ever saw had police marking the spots on the ground where they were before they moved them and stuff. Maybe just certain areas do that.

they typical only investigate major accidents. And if they do that the highway is shut down so this moving the car thing wouldn’t be any concern no way. We’re talking about small accidents where it will take the cops 1.5 hours to respond. That’s not just a inner city law it’s a state law.

You should try going through there driving a Tractor Trailer overweight with Scrap Metal during rush hour. And we’re restricted to the right lanes with all the slow, dumb ass, chicken shits…Not Fun !!!

People are panicky and freak the fuck out when they get hit. It’s like the lose their common sense when they get hit.

“Oh I’m just gonna sit in the middle of the fucking highway”

I swear those fuckers that do this need their credit scores to drop. And a mandatory license revocation for 6 months. They are the people that should use public transportation.

Hey brother, ANY close call will shake you up to some degree. Take your time to get yourself back together. Glad YOU were paying attention though…I see sooooooo many drivers that don’t.

Glad your ok.
The law states if your in an accident move your cars immediately to the right to avoid another accident from occurring. Its a shame folks dont follow the rules. Traffic here is mad crazy. Everyone be safe out there and please follow the posted speed limits.