A less expensive dashcam would be better than a fake

I have a thought. I have worked for some stores who were to cheap to install real security cameras, but put up fake ones at a fraction of the cost. These were sold under the belief that of people THINK they are being watched or recorded they will Bahar better (since there will be evidence). My question is I wonder if we could do the same? For people who don’t want to or cannot afford to cough up $600 for the widely recommended dash cams.

Walmart sells a 2 channel dash cam records inside and outside for $69.00 night vision inside sucks but during the day it works great.

I put a sticker on my dash that says “smile, you’re on camera” and a little (dead) camera above my mirror. So far so good, but some kids like to put on a show for it :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I paid $20 For an as seen on TV one at Target. Requires an SD card. It’s cut way down on the nonsense.

I pd 27 for the as seen on TV dash cam at Walgreens, someone in a different state got it at Roses-19.99

Has night vision, too! I have it pointing back so they know it’s recording too. The screen is good!

I have 4 I paid $25 each for (I accidently ordered twice while in the hospital on painkillers! ) they aren’t that much… But YES, even a fake camera or “recording in progress” sign might prevent some issues, and what’s the downside?

Dash cams are not expensive at all

Maybe not but when I make 33.00 a night and need to make a house payment it gets the back burner.

I’m in south bend. It’s feast or famine depending on Motre Dame students. I would wait until fall but my renter trashed the house and I have some major repairs plus house payments to even sell it. I would never punch a clock again ever. Uber is only a supplement to my disability which is a great plus, so even 33.00 is a big help. I just need to tighten my belt for a while.:wink:

No dont do it. A hotel I know did that and when they got a subpeona for their video. They were unable to provide it. Then they were sued. Over the false cameras

People saw the fake cameras in the parking lot. Their car was broken into an a bunch of stuff came up missing. Testified in court when they saw the cameras they felt safe. When the police couldnt get video because of the fake cameras they had no leads. Jury found fornthe guests cost the hotel a few thousand dollars. One of tje jurors said they thought of it as false advertising giving someone a sense of security that was not there

We had a wallet stolen and used locally and three places had real cameras and the police don’t have a suspect