A huge flaw with Uber and it's app

1.) Should be mandatory for the rider to enter destination.
2.) Driver should be able to see the final destination.

Blah Blah Blah I get it. Uber is worried drivers will cherry pick if the destination is disclosed. I’m sure there are enough dumb ass new drivers (Uber is hiring them by the thousands) that will jump all over that WalMart trip and be happy to do it.

But be sure to rate 1 star. These inconsiderate losers need to be flushed out. If you have to, lie to them and say you’ll wait. Who cares, you owe them nothing and they’re putting you on the spot to do them a favor.

You could end the trip and leave, but you could also give them a line of BS. Tell them that if Uber sees that you’re still on the trip but not moving for an extended period of time they think you’re padding the ride.

Really? That would be a great tool then. Just note OTHER as the reason for cancel I guess?
If it pays to the time of cancel that is a no brainer after 5 minutes.

Honestly if it’s the middle of the day during a weekday I’d do it, $.16/minute to nap in the car isn’t a bad deal. It’s not much, but it is pure profit while sitting there. If the wait is over three minutes you make more take home than splitting it into two trips (assuming no other requests come in, also note 0 miles to p/u).

You’re right. Only the pax can cancel once the trip has begun. I’m thinking I must have been on crack when I made that suggestion.

Like I said you need to take the circumstances under consideration, there are times in my market when I will wait and other times when I will not. Admittedly under the previous rates it was a lot easier to justify waiting as the hourly rate for waiting was at least well over minimum wage.

After the 20% cut it is pure profit, as opposed to doing another p/u and drop off and then trying to compare how many miles you drove total to calculate expenses to see if you made any money on that trip or not.

I continue to drive around the walmart parking lot or around the block a few times until they call me. Why should I wait up to 30 mins for 0.16 each minute? Been there, done that. At least I’m making money driving those miles.

Uber knows approximately how far it is from pickup to drop off. If they see a grossly exaggerated number, they’ll know something is fishy.

I wouldn’t wait outside Walmart for anyone. Its 1 thingif they need to run in to 7/11 and be out in 2 min, its another thing for them to go to Walmart, walk around, find what they want, get on line to pay and have the nerve to expect you to wait for them, that.

When I drove a cab, the cab company charged $2.00 for every 5 min of wait time. Uber needs to have an option that if you are expected to wait that you enter it into the app when you start, and enter again when they come back and there should be a separate “waiting” charge. There also should be a charge for having to drop off at different locations.

Because at .16cents a minute aka $9.60fare/hr minus $1.92(20%Uber) the best pure profit is $7.68/hour. And right that doesn’t factor ‘lost opportunities’ for other better fares.

I get asked to wait all the time. I always say that I lose money when not driving so waiting is bad for me. This sometimes leads to pax offering cash to wait. I once got 50 bucks to take two fatties through the jack in the crack drive through.