A friend of mine has a friend drive Uber

Just so y’all know and can be a little more cautious… a friend of mine has a friend that drives for uber, he’s not in this group… He was driving I believe last week and got a hit with a female name, he went to location, 3-4 men were there. They robbed him, took his system out of his car, his money, jewelry, everything of value out of his car, got in another car and left. When the driver contacted uber, they tried to look into the account and weren’t able to identify the account holder because it was a prepaid card. This was the only time the account was used as well. I’m trying to get him in the group to give more detail but just wanted to let y’all know it’s happening out there. Be safe, dont be naieve towards ANYONE! Always stay on point and protect yourself!

Thanks for sharing this. Its interesting because a friend of mine and I talked about people potentially doing this with prepaid cards. Not robbing but scamming drivers. Uber and lyft need to address this its too easy

It’s really sad , and uber is putting drivers at risk by not vetting riders properly and letting them use a prepaid card to request a ride . Clearly uber doesn’t care about the safety of their drivers . Hopefully this driver has a legal option and should sue uber

I swear, this is why I stopped putting my car in park and I don’t pick up if the area isn’t well lit. I’ll drive past the pick up call them and tell them that they need to turn some lights on, if they refuse, I’m out.

I do the same thing too and my doors are always locked when I’m approaching pick up and I park in a way I can see the rider approaching the vehicle and can easily get out of the neighborhood. If i see anything I don’t like or my instinct tells me something is wrong , I just cancel and move on

I got a ping from over in Thomasville off of Moreland one night it be dark as hell back there I saw Google people outside the house but something just didn’t feel right so I peeled off. I won’t do any pickups off of in Thomasville anymore

No background check on riders, no picture , and most of them even request with fake names . How about uber making their name match their card , a picture of their drivers license or any other valid govt ID showing their name , and a picture on the account matching their ID

Looks like ride share drivers are going to have to result to our own means of protection cause Uber damn sure don’t care and drivers getting accosted is becoming a big problem. Plus I heard a Uber driver ad where it says “you can cash out instantly” I was blown away…why would you put that info in an ad? I always go past the address and turn around just in case I have to get out quick and I never ever ever put my car in park when I’m picking up or dropping off.

Something strange happen to me last week. I should have cancel when I called his phone said he cant receive calls. I thank God when we got to location both pax asked me to turn up radio once we got to call box but heard one of them say look over there and it was a police backed up hidden in cut. These folks using prepaid cards and phones. Some men target women drivers and cancel until they get one.

  1. I never carry a purse when I’m online and out driving. (Your bra is a perfect pocket for your drivers license, registration, debit/gas card and a little cash.)
  2. Remove any identifying info like mail with your address on it and anything of value in the car.
  3. If possible, get in on a 2-for deal and get a backup phone that you keep on you. Download the Lookout app or something that allows you to backup/wipe/lock a stolen phone remotely and serve as a locator on the one you have on you. If nothing else…a deactivated phone will still call 911.
  4. Carry a mini-flashlight on you.
  5. Check Amazon for a tiny GPS locator that you can hide in your car to help police locate it if it’s stolen.

Write your purchases off on your taxes. It’s unfortunate that we have to prepare ourselves for things like this…hazards of the job. Drive safe! Never let your guard down. Be prepared.

Post like these with no information other than “I heard” will do nothing but scare drivers from driving at night. A location of where it happened would of been useful and maybe I could adjust accordingly. Telling me Atlanta does nothing for my driving pattern.

Yes driving for Uber has its risks. As does life. Use your senses and follow your instinct-that’s your best combat.

My ex was carjacked by gunpoint in midtown a couple years ago and lost all his luggage and my car. All caught on tape and there was tons of evidence in my totaled car when they recovered it. Atlanta police were useless and didn’t care. He offered to go do a lineup or sketch. They couldn’t give 2 shits.

hope nothing ever happens to your negative ass… If it does I’m sure it’s some kinda fake fraud shit… Stfu… It’s happening all over open your eyes. A lot of guys wear a necklace and a ring and or bracelet… I didn’t say a whole damn jewerly case got stolen

They want to background us but maybe they should also background pax. I know it costs money but Uber could probably get a great deal. I really wish they would require pax to have pics on their profiles. I’m so sorry thus happened and thanks for the info.

worst case scenario is you get in an accident with the child and your insurance company isn’t going to cover you for it because you’re doing rideshare and Uber will not cover you because you picked up a minor and that’s against terms of service.

so that leaves you with a possibly totaled car having to pay everyone’s medical expenses out of pocket

The thing is scammer, or potential riders can act as if they are one person and you can actually be picking up the robbers or whomever has ill intent. Same as a passenger who has been deactivated they can ask parents, siblings, friends etc to request a ride for them. The whole thing is just to be vigilant and protect yourselves these platforms are not concerned with our safety that’s our responsibility.