A coffee for your thoughts

Working on a resource to reveal what drivers really make in your city and comparing the gig opportunities. Would be happy to send your a $6 Starbucks gift certificate for two minutes of your time - https://bit.ly/2UrYtTK

Who are you working for and who is paying for this?

It is a resource we are starting and funding ourselves because we believe pay info should be accessible to everyone. Companies should be bidding on driver’s time not keeping them in the dark.
The response to the survey was terrific which also means we met our budget for gift cards. We would very much still appreciate your feedback if you can spare the 2 minutes, its also a great way to stay up to date on our progress.

Thank you, Richard

You said “we” a bunch of times without saying who we is. So you’re saying you’re just a couple of Uber drivers that just feel like compiling a lot of information and giving away a lot of gift cards? Oh sure that sounds right. I’ve never found relationships that start with a lie to go anyplace useful

Ah, sorry if I wasn’t being transparent, I thought my name shows up next to my comment. My name is Richard Demb and I am working with a software developer. I, along with co-founders, have built a couple software companies in the ecommerce/food space and previously the Popcorn, Indiana brand. When it came to the last mile delivery I got to see Instacart, Postmates, Deliv and Uber Rush up close.
Our intent here is to build a business to help drivers by freeing the pay information, in some ways similar to Glassdoor. We later plan to charge businesses to bid on driver’s time. I am personally funding the gift cards and other expenses to get feedback from drivers in the gig economy. Hope that is helpful.

Thank you for that information. Let me reciprocate. My name is some random username, I am working with some co-founders named blank and blank. You know what they say. If you’re not the customer you’re the product.