A cheating rider

Soo yesterday was supposed to pick up a Male rider couldnt find him called the number a female tells me she would tell him where I was…well a Male and.female got in the car and said they’d been together for a year…so i.dropped them off. Get a message that a phone was left in my car…she calls me back and asked if he was alone I said no he was with a female…I asked if she was his girlfriend she said yes…I said wow no he was with his girlfriend…:face_with_head_bandage::flushed: I wasn’t wrong…glad he got busted with his cheating.a××. Ugh!

Blowing up spots for some special occasion. He probably like she lying that was a pool ride. He might have some extra and fun activities with some other girl. Hope he will tell the truth to make him completely happy.

You’re so messy. Keep your salty self out of that man’s business, mind your own business. Speaking for a friend who does waayyyy too much dirt. Definitely not myself👀. Its their life and maybe they know how to handle it.

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Bold move by the guy. He’ll be getting his own rides from now on and watch out of every place he will go. He must be careful next time and avoid some long conversation with strangers…hehehe

I had a delivery one time she said her boyfriend was gonna be outside waiting for me because she ordered it for him and I’m like cool I get there he’s kissing a chick and they’re walking into the house. And I’m calling her telling her I’m outside and he not out here since I thought that was them lol she answers and she says “okay I’m gonna call him im at work” :thinking::thinking::thinking: smh she just ordered food for her man and side chick and don’t even know it lmao niggas ain’t shit :joy::joy::joy:

That’s why I don’t answer, the phone I find in my car, then waiting for them to contact Uber…:grinning::grinning::grinning: I don’t want to find out the truth about my passengers. I want it pure and feel honest about some conversation we have.

You did the right thing ! These men need to learn with their deceitful asses. He must be faithful to his girlfriend or wife anywhere he go. But not all men are like him. That girl, stand up for your man!!! :smirk: Go fight for it…

That’s messed up but women just as bad too, I don’t know how many women I’ve picked up from one guys house to go to another, and they don’t mind telling me.

Pick up a female at a gas station one night, and she stated that she would be in the yellow Camaro. I pull up and she kisses a guy good night and gets in my Uber. About a mile from our destination she calls and says honey I’m about 5 minutes out please unlock the door. And I said to myself some b****** ain’t s***! :joy::joy:

Shit women even worse, especially the Military women, as soon their Man leave for dudy,that pussy get wet, that pussy become open hole for the Jack rabbit’s

I served and when dudes went on a field mission or overseas, it was like a city of new women who we never saw before!

Me too! A poor girl was crying on her own right now because she find out her boyfriend cheated on her. Or she might knew it and just confirm it where is the guy on that moment… I feel pity on her. I hope she feels good right now…

And to think all u got paid for is to pick up and drop off. You are lucky on them. You find some interesting story and find out whats reality about them… hehe