5 Stars for a customer that does all of the following

Puts in an accurate address or accurate pin location (deduct 1 if not)
Is ready to LEAVE within 2 minutes of when I arrive (deduct 1 for 2-5 minutes) (1 more for 5+ minutes)
Doesn’t stink (deduct 1-5 points depending on grossness)
Isn’t obnoxious with his conversation (either with me, other passengers or on the phone)

As you can see most non-tipping customers get 4 stars. It doesn’t take much for some customers to be at 3 or less.

I rate everybody a 5 unless they are pain in the ass or they drive for uberx themselves. Those I rate a 1.

I don’t believe in half-measures.
If they didn’t tip you, then you didn’t put enough efforts in educating them on this issue.

Some ghetto people can’t tip, they got no concept of it, so I don’t expect them to, I don’t try to change or educate them. They get 5s. I’m not on the power trip here it doesn’t make me better than them because I have some ****ty stars to give out.

Not sure it’s a power trip. IMHO it’s an evaluation of whether I would want to recommend this customer to the next driver or whether I would want to pick them up again. 4+ stars I wouldn’t mind taking them again.

In my experience, rating the customer is just folly, plain & simple either way.

If a rider rates a Driver a 1 - 3 they get a ‘quick response’ personal email from Uber asking for more information, apologizing - and note that the Uber driver will be put on immediate “review”.

If a driver rates a Passenger a 1-3 - it falls on deaf ears and just absorbs into a black uber-hole. No reach out to the driver from Uber. No Passenger warning.

I’ve never even heard of a passenger that ever got deactivated - and it’s not like they just couldn’t just re-sign up with another card - very easily.

The rider gets the email. Not the driver.

The “Review”/“Watch-list” the driver is put on happens all behind the scenes. The driver is usually left in the dark completely, until the “deactivation” email arrives should the driver be a serial offender of the “review criteria” or the rating drops below 4.5 or such - whichever comes first.

Here is my rating technique that I posted on the Lyft Lounge yesterday:

5* = Good.
4* = Bad, but I would probably date them or their sister.
3* = really bad but didn’t commit any crimes. Might still date them.
2* = Bad and committed a misdemeanor crime during the ride.
1* = Bad and committed a felony or vomited in the car.

Agreed! The only way to know is to notice a sudden or steep decrease in the overall rating. I’ve had a few of those ‘bad weeks’ and tried to coax some info from CSR’s via the support system and always either received nothing - or “don’t worry about it - keep up the good work. Uber on!”

I have said it before, and will say it again I rate Uber on how I am feeling about them. I take the rider out of the picture unless they are complete schmucks, for whatever reason. All this rating bull **** is for kids.

Well said. The rating of passengers is just BS. Nobody cares about it. Drivers rarely decide whether to take or not take a ping because it is 4.9 or 4.1 or whatever. And riders don’t even know what their rating is. The whole idea that drivers have some saying in this business because they get to “rate” passengers is just one more type of deception of Uber towards its “partner” drivers. It is time that the term “Uber partner” be changed for what it really represents: indentured servant.

below 4 = pain in the ass IMO. I usually give them 5, as long as their not snobs, or rude. I agree though, it doesn’t really matter. Do many of you doing uber get many tips? I’ve done maybe 30 rides with no tip. Uber tells then no tip is needed right?

Here’s how I typically rate my customers:

1-star deductions:
You’re not ready to go the second I pull up to the pickup location (my time is valuable, so I absolutely hate waiting for you)
You make little to no effort to engage in conversation with me (this isn’t a taxi)
You’re not clear with directions (I’m not about to make last minute turns or brakes because you weren’t paying attention to the road)
You slam my doors unnecessarily (pretty obvious)

2-star deductions:
You leave trash in my car (this is my car, not yours)
You talk loudly with each other (assuming there are at least 2 passengers) and are cursing left and right (keep your filthy language to yourself)
You start touching the radio/ac/heater without asking (again, this is my car, not yours)

3-star deductions:
You give me any type of attitude for anything (you should be happy if I don’t kick you out of my car)

I sometimes have more criteria, but it’s almost always on a case-by-case basis

How long after the ride can the customer still enter a rating ? What is your experience as a passenger ? Mine is that the capability of doing so goes away at 48 hours. Anybody else that has used the pax app ?

I agree. This also plays into my paranoia that UBER looks for ways to **** with us. The rating system apparently has. I give out 5’s almost all the time buying into the Karma logic. I give 3’s and 4’s for peeps making me wait. Obnoxiously drunk will get you a 2 and puking in my car will get you thrown out of the window while my car is still moving at a high rate of speed. I give 1’s anytime I think someone is going to rate me low… this usually occurs when I screwed up by taking a wrong turn or something. My @@@@@@ed logic being that the low rating I received was given by a bad passenger, as if UBER is actually looking at the two ratings which in the logic part of my brain makes no sense at all. So much for Karma, huh?
Ratings suck! I’m doing the best I can. If you don’t like it, take a cab or walk.

There is your job and then there’s the customers job. Their job is not to entertain you. God knows I’m as stringent with passenger responsibility as almost anyone on this site but even I don’t knock off points for not entertaining me.

Well I like the rating system on the drivers side. I get to rate riders based on their behavior and attitude towards me and how they treat my wheels. Having to maintain a specific standard is tough though as everybody will have a different standard and expectation. Although with the rating system the clientelle is better IMO then driving a taxi.

What if a pax gets in your car and:
Wants to blast his/her ****ty music at full volume on your stereo
Bellows at the top of their voice in your ear the whole trip
Brings out a previously concealed food item and drops it all over the seat and floor
Vomits all over the seat and carpet

You get paid. Do they get five stars?

i do think the star system is useful. when they have a low score and they are more than 10 minutes away, I have found that they are more likely to cancel or make you wait or do any other thing that annoys us as a driver.

i would like for it to show how many rides they have had because i know its likely i’ve probably passed on riders that have a bad rating but only 2 rides. thats not good, but oh well. we work with what we have.