5 college kids cause a small scuff on my door

Uber pool 5 college kids. (I told them cancel & order uberx) slammed doors & called me asshole. Didn’t notice door behind me was still open & drove off. Small scuff on door. What would you have done?

It’s not too late to report it, and it’s best to move on away from them and then sort it out with uber ya know what I mean…

Keep the doors locked and don’t let them in in the first place. They can’t slam something they can’t open.

Sorta your fault for not verifying your own vehicle doors wernt shut. Can’t really see anything on pic that’s looks reportable but it would be like reporting yourself for not making sure doors were close before driving off

5 college kids? Need to order XL actually! Report the little cheap fuckers! They don’t care to ruin you by uber knew it don’t care about you. Did you read rules, policy, laws from uber or lyft again? Make sure you understand or ask your lawyers.

My five hopeful pax hopped in. I said, I’m not taking five. You need an additional x or order an xl. They got out. Ordered another x and he/She took all 5 of them.
I got a cancellation fee from uber. After requesting it.

I call everyone and find out where they are going before I pick them up. I tired of seeing a girls name on the screen and I pick up some dude, a distant travel to no where land when I know I’m not getting a return ride in that direction and kids who aren’t old enough to have credit cards ordering cars. Here is what I say each time, Hi this is your driver and this is my last trip for my shift , may I ask where you are going please ? Bingo. Then I decide. Fuck long trips out of my area, fuck trips into bad neighborhoods, fuck trips 3 blocks. Thank you !

Even if they ordered an X and need an XL, if you’re driving an XL, you can change it in the app without even telling them.

I usually do that. But not sure if that can be done with a pool ride. (Would have made thing a lot easier)

after you finish the trip go to your trip log and pick the ride that you need uber to reclassified and press help then issues with fare. You will need to type uber what you need change. I usually type the rider name and then how many total riders took the ride.

I have a XL vehicle. I believe Uber classifies by the number of riders but I could be wrong. I just wonder if 5 people jam in, should I make them get out and order an XL (in which case I lose the fare) or do I just take them? They’ll probably just order another X anyway, and that driver will take them, they are inconvenienced but only learn that some drivers won’t haul 5 on an X, but most will.

Lyft on the other hand has been real turds about it, basically telling me “Okay, we’ll change the fare this one time cause we like you, but in the future, you need to handle it with the rider.”

Yeah, like that’s gonna happen.

Fortunately, the situation has only come up that one time with Lyft.

Once the ride is complete, I just select there was an issue with the fare. Type in they had 5 passengers and it should have been an xl. It gets changed every time without any problems. I wish they would hit the pax with a penalty for trying to pull that crap.

you can only transport what your vehicle is legally set up for. If you have 5 seat belts, then you and 4 passengers. You you have 6 seat belts, make sure that’s how you are listed with Uber, then yes. Take them.

Uber classifies cars by the number of seatbelts. XL has more than 5 extra seatbelts. I’m able to take 7 passengers because I have 8 seatbelts. I, of course, use one of them.

Yeah, Ive done that very thing numerous times with Uber and never had a problem. They always make the fare change and get back to me very quickly. I was just being lazy and hoping for a bit easier and quicker way to make the change.

I’m sure it will happen with Lyft again and Im very interested to see their response.

Another tip is you never open your doors, you open the window. If you see something you don’t like hit cancel or no show and say bye

You could of still drove them to tgheir destination and then ask Uber to change the fare to uber XL after you drop them off. I have to do this about 2-3 times every weekend.

This is a shark. I know what a shark looks like, because I’ve seen one up close. And they better do something about this one, because I don’t intend to go through that hell again!!!

I would report it and then I would have called campus police and talked to them. These fucking college kids think they are entitled to do whatever they want.