4 request come in but I cant let go of this

I’ve never had this happen until right now…

Picked someone up, said he had to go to the bank then Walmart. I said that was fine, we could just update the destination when we got there…now I’ve been sitting outside this bank for 5 minutes as he talks to someone in the bank and I’ve had 4 requests come in that I had to let go because of this… I thought he was just going to the ATM! What would you do?

Happened to me before too at the bank. I ended up trying to call. No answer. So I texted and said sorry but I have to go. I ended the trip and bounced. End that shit and ride out losing money.

If you know that you’re gonna be waiting for someone to take them to their final destination, you could
-stop new requests (Uber)
-go offline (Lyft)

You do that in that request so that you are not getting requests while waiting on that passenger

You know that you can go offline. Thing is that you ended up sitting there for 15 minutes while he chatted up the bank associate about his account. you missed out on rides because of it. That’s why I’m wondering should you have waited or ended the ride and let him call another uber. His ride was 45 minutes and you got less than $10 for it.

A good rule of thumb is if it’s gonna take more than five minutes, I would end the ride and have them re-request another ride when they’re ready… short quick stops are okay, if you have to wait 15 min you aren’t making any money

Take the next request wait another 2 minutes and tell him you are gone end the ride and get the next one. Burn the F out until he couldn’t see because of the smoke💰

I would have informed him of the situation on how things work(I operate) so there would a been no misunderstandings. So unless an agreement was made prior to him exiting my vehicle I would have accepted the next ride and continued with my day.

Cancel n run! I had one on Tuesday night who turned me into her personal driver n had me make 4 stops for her, assuring me that if I waited for her she would tip me good, after 3 hrs took her back to her hotel n guess what! No damn tip​:rage::rage::rage:she ran out saying thanks take care​:rage::rage:

As long as they are paying, they have me… Don’t cancel trip – end trip collect your money and don’t hurt your cancellation rate

Wait! If you were still on the ride while they went inside, how were you getting requests? If you ended the ride then you should have taken other requests. You’re not required to wait if the ride ended.

You can get ride requests before you’ve ended the ride once Uber thinks your close to the original riders destination and there are others in the area, requesting rides.

The ride didn’t end. When we got to the bank, he changed his destination to Walmart for the remainder of his trip. Requests were coming in for me to add a trip after I ended his trip at Walmart so I could go and pick someone else up. But I couldn’t accept them because I didn’t know how long he was going to be in the bank.

I think it’s up to them…some abuse the privilege… You would not be rude saying call us back…You can get request for more rides while you’re still on the current ride

when I’ve had multi stops for people, I just leave the meter running as it’s cheaper to spend a bit of time then pay for another booking fee. Again as long as it’s not going to take over 10 or so minutes

it all depends on your circumstance, goals, and tolerance. If it’s busy & I’m hustling I end the trip and move on, if I’m slow or just cruising I’ll sometimes wait. Or, if it’s slow and I know the return trip is worth some money I’ll wait… BUT, never fall for the “I’ll give you a big tip in the end” - typically BS!

When u get them to the first stop, enter the continuing address for the next stop. That stops u from getting new ride requests. I realize if u r close enough to the final destination it will keep sending u requests, but if u r far enough from the final destination it shouldn’t if u r in the middle of a ride. At least I’ve never gotten requests unless I’m about to drop off

Looks like he misused his limousine service and now he stuck with an Uber…I would just go offline so you don’t get more requests and keep the surge up

I tell them me and my family can’t afford what they pay for waiting so when I’m gone you can request another ride