3 passengers in small backseat

So I order a Lyft line for me and my girl. A regular lyft is $10.58 and a line is $4.97 and we don’t mind waiting.

The guy arrives and we hop in. Immediately he says “are you new to lyft?” I reply no, he says “oh because it seems like nobody knows how to order a full ride”.

Fuck you Motherfucker. Shit is half the price and you’re still getting the full driver amount so I don’t know what you’re bitching about.

I didn’t say that obviously but still…

Then, he has his seat pushed back as far as it can go. So me and my girl have NO Leg room. Then to make it worse picks up another girl on the line (which I dont mind, because its a line.) Demands for her to squeeze in the back when the front seat is perfectly working and open.

So there we are. 3 grown ass adults smashed into a small backseat. I can even understand if he pulled his driver seat up but he didnt.

So I gave him 1 star and no tip for his comment in the beginning and not being accommodating with using the front seat. It was also dirty as Fuck. Not typical doing a bunch of rides dirty but legitimately dirty.

Id even give him 5 stars if he moved his driver seat up. That’s it. But he couldn’t even do that.

Harp on me all you want guys but the ride before him I gave 5 stars and a 5 dollar tip on a 4 dollar ride.

We are the drivers we should ask if they need room! Thats our jobs geez! Treat people they way you would want to be treated!!!

I drive a suburban when I log on to Lyft and Uber. Even still I ask if the person behind me has enough leg room. I’m 6’2” and 315. I don’t care if I have The Lollipop Guild behind me, I’m going to ask.

Yeah you are right to some degree… I have never had a issue but have a 4.9 steady. But I’m curious to see yours. If your rating is slightly off not you…but if your 4.6- 4.7 you are the issue. I have had 1 star rating and and still maintained a 4.9. You sound like a driver I would not want.

I treat everyone the same and I’m professional at all times, even when people are assholes. Your holier than thou attitude here makes me glad I’ve never had you as a rider or driver. I’ve had riders ding me because I refuse to talk politics and because roads were closed for things like landslides, protests and for doing the speed limit.

Well the fact you asked this driver if he asked for the seat to be moved up shows your lack of being professional. You look at your passenger and you can clearly see if you should moved your seat. I’m far from holier then thou but can clearly see we won’t be seeing a rating profile from you because you have been victimized by your passengers with obvious opinions of their own. What assholes they ALL are

99% of my low ratings comes from either rider not entering correct the pick up location, wanting to be picked up exactly where they are if it’s legal or not. I’ve had people tell me immediately that I’m getting a 4 because I didn’t pick them up on the other side of the street even though that area is marked as mass transit only and sits on a train line. I could tell them to fuck Off and cancel on them but I don’t.

I’ve worked in customer service type of industries most of my life and until doing this never had a single complaint. I’ve had people at my height sit behind me and have enough room. Truly unless you’re over 6’5 you have room, those people usually sit in the back row and stretch the legs forward or sit in the front seat, which I do not mind one bit. I’m 6’2 and 250, I also have shoulder issues that affect turning at times so I can’t be hugging up against the steering wheel

This is why some people shouldn’t work with the public! You have to understand respect! When you work for the public even if you’re in your own car you make sure the customer is happy! No not all are respectful back but that’s not everyone! There is always going to be that person that is having a bad day and need a little smile and respectful person to show respect and it makes for happier people all around!

I’m all for expressing yourself, but on a job you shouldn’t complain or show frustration about the job to passengers… for one you are trying to keep your ratings up so you don’t get deactivated, and two, you can always wait and vent later when you are no working.

I get we as drivers get pissy about certain things, but there are certain times and perhaps certain people we can vent at.

well they have as much right to bitch and complain as much as we do…
i mean not all of us drivers are in the right of things either. I’ve seen so many other drivers post on here that I find head scratching. I was stating the fact that even as drivers most dumber than the annoying pax

Well, I drive a grand marquis and even so, because of my size, my seat is always all the way back. I always suggest shortest person behind me. I can only give about an inch, then not enough room to drive, but my seat is also not reclined at all. I always suggest spreading customers out and allow the front seat, even offer it when they all try to pile in the back. I hate the knees in my back and would rather them spread out. Sorry you had a bad ride. Hope you have better luck next time. I only do Uber, not Lyft, but do not think that makes a difference in how we should treat our customers.

I’m not really sure why people think it’s okay to do Lyft line. You would have paid that much money on the city bus and would you have bothered to complain if you had to stand and hold on to a bar while it made 50 stops? Shame on passengers that take advantage of drivers who are just trying to make a living. If corporations undervalue us at least we as human beings can try to take care of each other. Just because a cheap service is available doesn’t make it okay. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

If u do lyft line u expected somebody to set next to u.
Lol by the way. U allways against the deivers this is the seconde time u post stupid post like this the first one was even worse than this and now lol.
U get what u pay for dude
By the way ur story is f of bs

If this was Uber Pool I could see why people may disagree with you… but it’s Lyft Line, and the driver is getting paid the same. OP even said he has tipped 5 on a 4 dollar ride. If you all as drivers could give a fk less about the pax, then why provide customer service? Having the front seat open and maintaining a clean car seems like a no brainer.

So he moves his seat up and makes it uncomfortable for him to drive and that’s more important then you riding uncomfortably SMH if you want limo service quit being a cheap and take an XL or something made for bigger people! Most of us drive smaller cars for fuel economy and they’re just isn’t much room in the back but unless Uber and Lyft start charging more then your going to continue to have compact cars that’s uncomfortable to ride in and if you dont like it find a new service simple something that offers bigger seating area!

Dude you’re cheap AF. And why are you even in this group? Are you a driver? Line isnt for date night. I’m surprised she stays with your cheap ass. Probably the kinda “gentleman” that made her sit by the stranger too. Damn. Gtfo