2 pax cancels today

so i got 2 pax cancels on me today because i was enroute and not fast enough for their expectations. Lyft emailed me saying if my pax continue to cancel they would deactivate me. I myself chuckled and emailed them this lol.

Hi today i had 2 cancels and i got a nice little email from you guys threatening to deactivate me because i wasnt able to pick up my riders fast enough. please read below for my reply is just as serious !

I am an independent contractor. I have both the freedom to accept, bid, or cancel on any job as I see fit. Your company would do well to remember that. Like uber you tread upon the rights of your drivers. I am not intimidated nor impressed by this shady companies low pay rate and threat of deactivation of my account for not bending to your rules as If I were an employee. Threaten me again with deactivation for violating my rights as a contractor under federal law and I I will happily Threaten your company with a federal class action lawsuit under it. Have a nice day lyft !

You have too many passenger cancellations, Brody.

Passengers rely on Lyft to provide a dependable service, and it’s important that we’re here for them. We noticed that you haven’t been driving toward some of your passengers after accepting their ride request, leading them to cancel. That can create delays and leave people with a bad impression of our community.

Our engineers are working hard on improvements to the app to make sure you’re getting matched with the most convenient pickups. Please be mindful that you should drive directly to your passenger after accepting the ride request. If these cancellations continue, your driver account could be deactivated…

Thanks for your help maintaining our high quality rides. Remember: Providing 5-star service to passengers gives them another reason to return to Lyft, meaning more requests for you.

The Lyft Team

Love how these guys want it all. Treat you like sh*t, always threatening you with vague threats to scare you, watch your every move…yet they call you an independent contractor.:smile:

They are morons, they have given me ride requests 15 miles north of me while I was driving south on the freeway without an exit insight. They need to fix their system before sending crap like this.

We can’t control customer cancellations we can only control our end. I’ve had quite a few cancel on me the minute I accepted the ride most likely Cuz they are impatient and don’t want to wait 5-10min for my arrival and think if they cxl and ask for another ride it will be closer than I was lol
I haven’t gotten any emails like this from Uber or Lyft. Now I’ve gotten emails and text from Uber and Lyft about me denying requests ( due to distance is my reasoning) but not.cuz pax cancelled on me. That is BS

ALL riders know how far someone is away from them by looking at their app before requesting a pickup

Than why do they cancel like 5 seconds after I accept ? Do they want a man and not a women? Do they not like my van with TV, moon roofs,sunroof ect… and want a cool bad ass car?

Cause either got into a cab or there was a driver dropping off someone there or sitting there and the driver told them he/ she will take them

Actually if u use it as a passenger ull know that it’ll say for example driver is 3min away and the moment the driver accepts it all sudden jumps to like 8 to 12 mon away…it’s happened so many times I can’t keep track…I just figure they cancel 4 that reason

That’s why you accept everything and only cancel in the most dire of circumstances like a no-show, don’t accept solely on the basis of Passenger rating

I drive for both in Chicago- fully 50% of lyft rides I answer cancel after I accept and start driving to them. I wonder if passengers get threats for cancelling…? Ummmm

I get that alot. More with Lyft than Uber…if they know this why r they bitching at us. We don’t have control over it at all

Agreed. I had to people cancel on me today. I probably have to cancels everytime. You can’t control that and what are you supposed to do risk your own safety, someone else’s, or ticket trying to get to somebody? That messes ridiculous. I bet you they don’t penalize them for repetitive cancellations.

I truly understand… As soon as I accept an request an individual cancel… Geesh patient is the key… These passengers think we have wings!!!

I sent 2 pax a text with an ETA of over 10 mins, which was true, as the app said the same thing… they both cancelled… Lyft sent me an email saying I was flagged for having too many passenger cancels after I contacted them… I haven’t bothered to write them back because its too much of a pain to send them an email through support portal… lovely times.

What was their response to your message? How in the world can they threatened to deactivate you for not getting there fast enough? Are you supposed to speed and drive on safely or get a ticket? That’s ridiculous or have an accident?

Lyft just settled its class action in CA, so I’m sure they could care less about your threat. Sadly, drivers have been sold out, and it is only getting worse. My suggestion is to put your energy into finding other work

So many people keep posting this I’m an independent contractor crap and I don’t have to do this or that or whatever. .well here is a news flash they don’t have to send u any work either with no explanation and for those who are about to say they don’t care then just quit now…uber ir lyft wouldn’t care one bit…for every one person complaining there are at least 2 new driver members added a day so obviously there us no shortage of drivers