2-3 star a passenger simply because of their race, or sexual orientation?

Considering the levels of petty and
ignorance I have witnessed in this group, I’m wondering do you ever 2-3 star a passenger simply because of their race, or sexual orientation?
I’ve noticed locally that there’s an unfair balance on passenger ratings especially based on race. Since I’ve seen comments here from drivers specifically stating that “queers” cannot do things during rides that heterosexuals can, I’m wondering what else is going on.

Saw a driver make a post 1 staring a rider for being white.

Seriously? That’s crazy. I am white. I’m gonna get that driver lol!!! :facepunch::facepunch::facepunch:

Well, I have been driving in Atlanta. I know for the fact that my rating is suffering because I am a white female! I rate pax 5 stars always, just not when is a major issue.

I never rate anyone based on race or sexual orientation. If they treat my with respect, I treat them with respect. I did have a gay gentleman ask me out once. I told him I was happily married, not gay and respectfully declined, and thought to myself, “I still got it”! lol By the time we got to his destination, we had had a nice conversation and he tipped me $25. It pays to be nice to everyone and speak to them as if they were your grandmother!

I rated someone tonight a 4, which should’ve been a 1 because they stank in weed!!

I consume a lot of cannabis and am a medical card holder due to having HIV. when I first started I was like ahhhh cute they smell like weed! Then came the time I stopped into my drunk friend’s party while I was working to drop off more booze for him and about 8 joints were being passed. I left, took a ride and the guy was convinced I had weed with me and was frustrated that I wasn’t going to throw him some! LOL sorry this was long winded but I keep my lyft life and weed life very separate and I’ll be damned if I get hit with a lower rating for weed that wasn’t mine!

I had a guy tonight tha5 reeked. 5 starred him, he was an awesome guy and can smoke plants all day long before he gets in my car.

theses kids weren’t awesome. I have kids with asthma, so no. I don’t approve recreational weed… I don’t mind the smell but when it lingers in the car for hours after they leave it becomes an issue.

I choose to treat everyone with dignity regardless of their personal choices , with careful exceptions.

Who would do that?? Sounds like you are trying to pick a fight. I see a lot of racism and homophobia in this group so yah I’m stirring things up a bit.

I dont see race or sexual orientation. Just asshole or good person. I could care less if men have anal sex with you. Your 1st sentence is too funny and absolutely true!

I give everybody
5 stars. There’s no reason to give gays a lower score. I don’t agree with being gay but if they’re really nice they get 5 stars and I will never give someone less stars for race or color that’s just stupid. That would be like me giving a Muslim less stars coz they’re not Christian like I am. That is so wrong. Everybody always gets 5 stars!!! :handshake:

Make me wait slam my door or trunk smell like an ashtray or just stink not getting 5. No tip when you’ve already said you’re server or discussed how low this job pays and lose another star. 5 isn’t average

Well with Uber instituting tips does the tipping rider deserve a higher rating than a non tipping rider? What’s your thought? The other thing that is worth looking into is whether the riders rating indicates that they are a good tipper

No I’ve never given less than a 5 star for anything other than complaining about being asked to finish their cigarette outside or yelling at me because they put in an address for pick up that was across town. However I do find this site a bit less enjoyable than others so will be leaving. Stay safe out there.

Now you get it. And it can go either way, racially. Unfortunately, the cancer of division still lives, and the sick among us think its healthy.

In the few months I’ve been doing this, not once has a pax disclosed their sexual orientation. The closest thing was picking up two ladies and two men from a “Kinky Boots” show, and all the way back to their hotel the men teased each other about how gay they were. They were fun and entertaining. I rate passengers by their actions and attitude. That’s it.

I live in Philly I’m transgender myself so I don’t give a shit be nice polite and respectful… I don’t discriminate! “Stupid people” come in all races lol

Nope. I only have a couple of low rating due to how the passenger was treating me.
So if someone makes a cleanliness complaint against you for a mess they created does that warrant a single star