16 tips from Experienced Uber/Lyft Drivers

If you are an Uber driver, then you most probably have read up quite a few tips and helpful articles. We provide an experienced drivers handbook for some issues that are found in day to day driving. These tips cover a number of angles, so we won't categorize them, just put them down one tip at a time.

  1. Nail Polish
    This is a great solution to those annoying tiny scratches on paint surfaces. Now that you can find loads of nail polish colors, it’s not an issue finding the right match for your car. What you do is cover the scratch area carefully with a layer of nail polish, before the polish dries, quickly remove the excess with a sanitary wipe and then when the polish sets, buff it up. That will get rid of most of your scratch problems.

  2. Clear Nail Polish
    This is a useful tip for stopping your windows from cracking. If your window was hit by a stone during a drive and you have a small hairline crack in it. The crack will start to extend over time until you will need to replace the whole screen. Apply two to three layers on the crack, and it will stop the crack from growing.

  3. Hot Steering Wheel
    If you have a leather or plastic steering wheel, then you have two choices, either cover the wheel with a fabric cover, so it doesn’t overheat in the sun or turn the wheel 180 degrees when parking. By placing the upper part of the wheel in the shade, you prevent it overheating, and you can drive off without having to blow on your hands every two minutes.

  4. Sun Glare
    Pilots developed this trick, and it’s useful for drivers too, in fact, you see it in many sunny climates around the world. Take a dark piece of acrylic and apply it carefully to the cleaned window surface. Static electricity will bond the two together. Make sure you buy a UV filtered sheet so that you also protect your eyes from the suns UV light.

  5. Bay Leaf
    This is a great cure for car sickness, and it works all the time. Keep some fresh or dry bay leaves in the car and when a passenger feels queasy, offer them a bay leaf They place it under their tongue, and the leaf’s natural biological composition releases certain chemicals that relieve car sickness.

  6. Lemon
    If you are feeling drowsy, then place a slice of lemon under your tongue. This is only a temporary solution since it does wake you up, but generally, it is not a good or safe idea to drive when tired. Pull over and have a fifteen-minute power nap.

  7. Smart Glasses
    You have sunglasses in the car, we all have. They are our car sunglasses, but we never know where we last put them. The best solution is a sun visor clip and places the sunglasses always on the clip. That way they are quick to reach and always in front of you.

  8. Enhanced Cup Holder
    We all like to drink and drive. NOT alcohol, COFFEE. OK, we got that out of the way. It’s best to make sure your coffee cup holder is efficient. Some car models do not come with a good holder, so it’s best to buy a special cup holder just to make sure your coffee doesn’t spill all over the place.

  9. Garage Tennis Ball
    After long driving hours, you get back home; if you have a garage, then you might not be able to gauge the distance from the wall to the car. Hand a tennis ball on a piece of string. The moment your car reaches the point where you set the ball you know when to stop.

  10. Check the Oil Quality
    Since we live in a perfect world where everyone tells the truth, and no one is out to cheat you, we don't ever need to check anything. Now that we have stopped dreaming we will need to check the oil quality since sometimes we use bad oil or maybe it's time to change it. This is how it's done. Let the engine run for about five to ten minutes then turn it off. Pop the hood and take a few oil drops from the oil stick and put them on a piece of paper. Leave the paper in a warm place for two hours and then check the stain. If the stain is clear the oil is good, and there is no water in the oil. If the center of the stain is dark grey, it means the oil is dirty, and its time to change it, if the strain has a light grey stain or brown circle around it, it means the oil is slightly saturated with particles and should be changed. This particular tip will save you engine hours and a lot of money.

  11. Check the Fuel Quality
    When you go to fill up your tank with gas, first take two or three drops of the fuel onto a piece of white paper and blow on it. If the sheet is clean after the fuel has evaporated, it means the fuel quality is good. If there's a greasy stain spot it means, there is some kerosene in it. If you want to check your fuel for resin, put a drop in a spoon and light it up. If the color of the flame is white then its clean, if it is brown there is resin in the gas. If the flame is brown, it will damage your engine seriously. To check gas for water content, take a small jar and fill a quarter of it with the fuel. Take some manganese crystals and add them, if the liquid turns purple or pink it means there is water in the fuel.

  12. Fast Ventilation
    Have you ever opened your car door on a hot day and been hit by a wall of French cheese and old socks? Sure you have and don't tell me you enjoyed it. So here goes, open the front door and window, then open the opposite back door and open and close it fast, this will push clean air through the car quickly. It also helps to cool down the car. Do this for both sides of the car, and then you will have gotten rid of the smell as well as cooled the car down sufficiently for the air con to work fast and the car deodorizer to take over the smell situation.

  13. Pet Hairs and Static Electricity
    We know all about pet hairs. We have them every day, those wonderful small hairs that end up covering every inch of the back seat. There is a very quick way to removes them before you decide to vacuum furiously, swearing at the stubborn hairs that don't want to leave. Put on a pair of latex gloves, the kind that surgeons wear. Ow rub your hands together fast and create a lot of static electricity. After that, vacuum the chair, and all the hairs, even the most stubborn will come out quickly.

  14. Frozen Car Doors
    The best solution to prepare for in the winter is a quick spray of cooking oil. You get to take a standard cooking oil spray can and spray over the rubber components of your door lock. Wipe off the excess oil and that will cause your doors to remain frozen free and open easily every time.

  15. Misty Windshields
    The ultimate simple solution for every winter is a potato. No, you do not bake it and eat it hot to warm up. You cut it in half and smear it over the windshield from the inside, then buff the window. This will ensure that the steam will not stick to your glass and you can drive steam free.

  16. Road Trip
    When you prepare for a road trip, use an organizer. It's really useful to have a standard checklist of items you will need to bring. It also saves time thinking what you forgot the last time and should remember this time.

    There will always be more tips and more ideas, so as time goes by we will continue to update you with the latest tips that we receive from experienced drivers from all over the world.