10 Reasons Why Uber Drivers Hate UberPool


There are Uber drivers who love to do UberPool. They like the idea of constantly driving and not having any dead time, even though in most cases Uber drivers make about the same doing only UberX. Then there are drivers who passionately hate UberPool. The cheaper rates is one reason but there are few things that tick off drivers about UberPool. Here are some experiences from Uber drivers:

  1. Extra Riders: I got an Uberpool request it was 4 passengers I told the lady you requested an Uberpool she said, “and?” I said Uberpool is for two passengers only you need to cancel and request an UberX so you can take 4 people​:grin: and she said " Look bitch I’m not cancelling and you better take us or I’m going to give you a bad rating, all the drivers never said anything they always take us" so I started laughing and I told her okay look bitch​:joy::joy::joy: you not going to be riding with me for $2 with 4 passengers and you should be ashamed of yourself taking advantage of the other drivers like that​:yum::yum::yum::yum: and look how worried I’m about your rating :yum::yum::yum: so I closed my windows waited for the timer to expire get my $5 and move on :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses: I don’t let these idiots get away with anything.

  2. Clueless Riders : -Passenger: request UberPool
    -Me: picks up passenger
    -Passenger: "I don’t like UberPool because the driver always picks up other people.
    -Me: "i apologize but that’s the nature of UberPool. Next time you can choose UberX where you can ride alone.
    -Passenger: “yeah but UberX is more expensive.”
    Wtf?!?. I’m sorry but you can’t have your cake and eat it too playboy. Choose one or the other and stop complaining…

  3. Backseat Rider(Driver): Driver: Watching the timer on Uberpool counting down.
    Passenger: “You should call them”
    Driver: “Great idea” “Even better I should get out and hold their hands back to my car” “That’s how I get my five stars”
    Passenger: Sat silently looking forward. No air coming out any more from their mouth.
    Saw the timer reached zero…dust off. Done wasting my time. Now they know we don’t like waiting all day for them.

  4. Blame the driver: Rider: “Could you stop at the store along the way?” (Uberpool)
    Driver: “Sure” Upon arrival, no stores were along the route during the short Uberpool trip
    Rider: “I thought you were stopping at the store before arriving at the destination?’
    Driver: “Yes, but the short trip didn’t have any stores” “Would you still like to go to the store?”
    Rider: “Yeah”
    Driver: “No problem” At which point I ended the Uberpool trip first. “Now call me again”
    Rider: “I didn’t want you to end the trip…take me to the store first before we arrive at our destination.
    Driver: “So call me again” “That other Uberpool ride is over”
    Rider: “I don’t know which store to go”
    Driver: “So figure it out and call another driver”
    Rider: “When we get to the store, what happens then?”
    Driver: " I drop off and leave you there”
    Rider: " I have to call another Uber again to come back”
    Driver: “Affirmative”
    During the conversation, rider wasted five minutes more of my time in the car before finally getting out and deciding at their own inclination. I carried on and picked up more other passengers.

  5. I need to get to places Riders: How about the " I’m on the way to a job interview" or " I need to be at work in 10 minutes" me- " we have another rider added :slightly_smiling_face: " lol all they see is cheaper not knowing a difference.
    Or this one:
    How about the “I’m on my way to school and I gotta take a test”
    Somone else pops us and they start to freak out :joy:

  6. Straight up CHEAP: 15350653_10210891646514606_4050284605958215070_n

  7. Private UberPool?: So last night, on a UberPool ride, I had a pax cancel on me because I already had two passengers in the car…like came outside looked in my car, seen two pax and said I’ll cancel. If you want a private ride, call Uber(f*cking)X!
    Like, don’t waste my time. I mean they charge you for it anyway. 🤷
    Why don’t pax understand the rules to Uberpool? Or if they do, stop being so cheap.

  8. Wrong Destination Address: So I was threatened with violence by a passenger and his friend tonight because they put the wrong address into a Uberpool trip and where they actually wanted to go was in a different direction from what they put into the app so I told them that they needed to request a trip going to the proper destination and I ended the trip.
    The drunk idiot passenger didn’t request a trip right away and it was busy so I accepted another trip and nicely asked the passengers to exit my vehicle at which point they got even nastier and at first refused to get out of my car. When they finally got out of my car the passenger told me that if he saw me again he would attack me and his friend told me that he would shoot me if he saw me again.
    I then picked up my next set of passengers and dropped them off at their hotel and immediately logged off and called the Uber critical safety line to report the incident, I was told by Uber that they would investigate the situation and that I would never be matched with this passenger again. They will probably deactivate his account so I will probably get him on Lyft or he will be riding on a friends account.
    Of course I have all of this on my camera system that is in my vehicle, or at least that is what I thought until I got home and found out that my expensive camera system is no longer actually recording anything even though the display says that it is, so no video to post on Facebook and no proof that they threatened me!

  9. Aggressive Riders: I don’t think this Uberpool thing is gonna work out in the long run. I had a fight between two passengers ending in me kicking one of them out of the car.

  10. Grocery Bags Riders: What would you guys do if you got an UberPool request and the person is at Costco you get there and she has a bunch of groceries that they want to use up your entire trunk and part of your seat and still has a 2yr old that obvious needs a car seat but she didn’t have one . I personally have a car seat for my passengers when they’re not total jerks. This person was crazy!

It will take a miracle for Uber drivers to start liking UberPool anytime soon!