Tonight I Scammed a scammer

We need start collecting phone # and shareing on here maybe we can figure out if its a ring doing this. I live in Spokane and were having a problem with lyft cancelling as soon we get to address. I had 2 Thur night both had SanFrancisco area codes. I quit do lyft after lyft refused to pay me cancellation fee

Both Lyft and Uber filter phone calls through their systems and give them a spoof number, anytime a customer calls you or you call them it goes through Uber first and it is not yours or their real phone number. It’s for security reasons

All contact goes through the companies unless you tell them to give out your number for a lost item. Lyft always uses a San Francisco area code. Uber will use area codes close to you. If you text your passengers a lot, and go look at your texts you’ll find a bunch of different texts to different passengers, all on the same number.