Should I report this the interaction to Lyft?

Yeah plus that’s not the service we provide, that would be PostMates. Plus what if she stiffed you after u bought the cigs. F that

My first instinct was that they were underage and wanted you to score cigs for them.

That was a good excuse and truth that you don’t carry money on you.

Heck yes it’s suspicious they cancelled the ride at all period.
Deffenetly report it.

Anything is possible that perhaps they had intentions on taking your money…

But you are the one who volunteered the information that you didn’t have money on you. I used to buy my cigs with my card so it’s not like I needed cash.

My assumption is that they were trying to get you to be like some sort of rip off of door dash or uber eats and instead of taking a taxi round trip to the store they just wanted you to deliver their smokes.

Deffenetly report it but I wouldn’t read too much into it

I had an Uber request last week…similar. I get in car and get a call they saw I was by Safeway and wanted me to get some Squirt and they would pay me. I’m , yea nope. So they cancelled and I got my $3.75