"lowered rates" for Uber drivers

I agree with and I appreciate most of what you said . Very well written.

However there are a few things that you are not taking into account. Just as upfront pricing creates a larger profit for Uber regarding Uber X rides, it also many times creates a loss for Uber in Pool
Rides . There are many times that Uber promised a low upfront price with Pool . Then if no riders are added then the driver makes almost
As much as Uber X , while the Pax pays the highly discounted rate and Uber receives a - amount . So since the majority of rides seem to be Pool it may be that their overcharging X Pax and undercharging Pool Pax may be a wash and counter each other out . All the while the driver will never be affected either way and yes , the driver continues to be paid just as was promised.

You also don’t mention that Uber now offers Boost surge in many areas where the driver is paid an extra amount that the Pax is not charged for . You also have to consider the Twix’s weekly bonus offers as well that Uber pays out if their own pocket .

I understand and agree with most of what you said and you are on the right track , however as a driver allthough I won’t get rich like the old days I still feel however that I am being treated and paid fairly . If nothing else Uber is paying what I expected them to.

Either way, if you disagree then don’t drive for Uber then . I think that is not such an easy decision because besides the pay, Uber allows me a great quality of life ; freedom . An flexibility like no other job and I am grateful to be doing it .

The reason I don’t mention boost is because it is not available to all drivers nor is it the same for the drivers that do receive it. Uber chooses which drivers receive these incentives and at what rate they offer it. More Uber control.

I also don’t mention that these quests/boosts are only necessary because the fare rates are so low that this is the only way to get drivers out on the streets and that they are one of several control mechanisms that Uber employs.

Without boost, drivers would not go out very much. Also, Uber ALWAYS is in control of the bread crumbs and stacks the odds in their favor of drivers not completing them.

Boost was not around when Uber started because it was not necessary.

As far as Pool goes, this was a service that Uber CHOSE to offer in an attempt to gain more market share, it is what is known as a loss leader. Furthermore, it is not available in all markets, so your example of Uber losing money only applies to those markets that offer it and for those rides where their computer algorithm fails to make a match or miscalculates the time…something that happens less and less.

You are content with things because you have been conditioned to feel that way. Many drivers display behavior similar to Stockholm Syndrome as the enjoy the abuse and even champion their abuser. Drivers like Jim Parsons are a great example of that.

As Uber starts to raise fairs and drivers see how they have been marginalized, they will understand, unfortunately it will be too late by then.

Right…I agree…I noticed that All.of my rides, I have been short changed on the time driven. I ride rook 35 mins and I was only paid for 20 minutes!! And I have been being “freezed” out on surges. EVERY TIME…YES…EVERYTIME I LOG IN…I get e request for 25 minutes away…every time!! I don’t think that’s a coinsidence. Then after I ignore that, right in the middle of a mega surge (4×-7×) I don’t get a ping. Then when it drops to 2× or less…PING!!!

They start by cycling the request to drivers showing no surge, then cycle it at slightly higher increments until someone accepts it. After all, if the passenger is paying 5x and the driver is only paid on a 2x surge, they can pocket the difference. The new ToS agreement allows them to do that.

You wont get no push back from me. Hell… Anyone attempting to rebuttal this is a fool. Great post. Honestly… This is what I thought these groups were supposed to be like. Informative information and a place we can come to to come together to figure out this DS thing. I wish we would stop talkin down to one another and start building as a unit. The good thing is this particular post is there was no name calling. I know because I read all the comments and sub comments. A good step in the right direction