Woman Sues Lyft for $1 million


(Harry) #1

Another day, another lawsuit, only this time it is not Uber, but Lyft that is at the receiving end. A Lyft passenger claims that her driver sexually assaulted her during a ride and is suing Lyft. Unfortunately, her claims against Lyft will not hold ground in court, since Lyft's business model is to dissociate from liability, where the driver is, in fact, a self-employed (independent contractor) that pays Lyft for the use of their app to connect them with Lyft customers. In this instance, the customer can sue the Lyft driver but will find it hard to sue Lyft. What will prove to be even harder is the fact that the alleged attacker Refugio Campus has not been accused of anything and is not under arrest.

The passenger, 25-year-old Morgan Lee's claim is based on her ride with the 30-year-old Lyft driver on June 30th, claiming that she asked Campos to pull over, so she could vomit after drinking in excess. She claims that Campos crawled into the back of the car and tried to rape her. She managed to escape and with the driver's car plate number reported the incident to police.

In the meantime, Lyft has deactivated Campos. However, no known news updates can confirm if Campos was ever accused or tried for this action and as such, remains a mystery.

(Jerry Hall) #2

Passengers say all sorts of shit just to get a free ride. Lyft Extreme is now open in your city! Terms and Conditions apply, see app for details, not available out side the continental US, personal injury may occur, must be 18 to ride.

I had a pax that was so drunk, she was bobbing her head. During the ride she said, “You need to drive straighter.” I laughed and told her she better stop before her springs break.

(Steve Mann) #3

I know what you mean, I had one that just lay down and then barfed all over herself. She nearly suffocated on her own vomit. I had to pull over, roll her over, clean her mouth, and then driver her home. Once we got there, her sister came out to help me get her home. I got 1 star and a complaint stating that I caused the pax to suffer injury during the ride. Thank God I had a dash cam on, I always do, and that sorted her shit out. She ended up paying my legal fees.