Testlio - A gig opportunity for freelancers with an Uber Driver's Account

Hi everyone!

My name is Luis, I am from Testlio (testlio.com), a software testing company. We have a freelance network with multiple freelance tasks for people who can perform different types of testing.

We have a new exciting gig opportunity for freelancers in US

At the moment, we are looking for freelancers to join a testing project we are running for one of our clients. It is an Exploratory testing project, and it is required to have an Uber Driver account to participate in the runs.

Prior software testing experience would be a plus, but we will organize an onboarding session for drivers who have not tried testing before. You will also have to verify your Uber driver’s license. It is not a regular kind of employment, rather a chance to earn some gig money, but I think it’d be a good opportunity for the drivers. Workload is 2-3 hours per week.

Devices you may need: an Android smartphone (Android 10 or above) and/or iPhone (iOS 15 or above)

The pay rate is 20 USD/h, payments via PayPal or Payoneer.

For more details and application click here

Thank you and good luck!