Prayers For My Dad


My name is Xavier and I use to drive Uber a few years ago when I was attending college at The Los Angeles Film School. I had great time driving Uber and it really helped supplement my income while attending college. I usually drove after school, some weekends, and holidays. Thanks to Uber I was able to have generate income and have enough flexibility in order to care for my small family of four. I also graduated Summa Cum Laude and made the National Honors Society of Entertainment Arts.

During my time with Uber, I was able to refer many people from all over the world; including my father in Chicago who also was a 5-star driver like me. He’s a professional artist but retired from being a foreman sprinkler fitter about 5 years prior. Uber was very essential in keeping him active and happy. We would always talk about our trips, tips, cool people, weird passengers, etc. Uber also allowed my dad the free time to pursue his passion in painting and creating art. It was a great way for my dad to meet new people, make new friends, network, mentor, council and teach the word of God. My dad has even gifted things to some of his passengers including self-help books and sometime donated his entire earnings to families in need.

On March 18th, 2020; my dad had a massive stroke that left him completely paralyzed on his entire left side. Earlier that morning, my brother and I got a strange feeling while becoming extremely alarmed when he wasn’t responding to our phone calls. He had been driving Uber the night before so we thought that maybe he hadn’t returned home or was out driving in the am. After searching for a short period of time my brother was able to located his vehicle. After locating the vehicle, my brother went back to his apartment where he found our dad just in time to let the fire department break in to render aid.

My dad’s stroke was so severe that my dad had to undergo brain surgery to save his life. I flew back home the same day and was able to be with him for 30 days until my visitor pass expired. Unfortunately, the hospital went on full covid-19 lockdown so no visitors were being allowed. After the surgeries my dad was making good progress and had tested negative for covid over several times. A few months later he was exposed while not being properly isolated in acute rehab. He fought hard but covid was a major setback for my dad. It even took him a few months to get over and finally test negative. I’m extremely sad to say that on August 5th, 2020 my dad, Aaron Truesdell passed away in the hospital. He was an extraordinary man of God, an uber mentor, father, grandfather, brother, cousin, nephew, best friend, etc. and gone way too soon. God I miss my dad!

Visit About — to read more about my dad’s journey, see photos, his beautiful artwork and more. You can also watch the full livestream of his “Celebration of Life” homegoing service which includes stories highlighting his life and some of his life changing Uber experiences.

Peace, love, blessings and safe traveling!

Best Regards,

Xavier Truesdell
IG/ Twitter @ XavierLT