GrubHub's new "account violations"

They sent out an email to this yesterday and I’m reading the new articles. I imagined it being similar to DoorDash’s violations (like when we’re more than ten minutes late on the estimate after leaving the restaurant). But no, it’s actually insane! Here’s the list it gives for violations where you’ll get fired if you have three:

  • Unassigned orders - Accepting an order and surrendering or refusing to complete the delivery resulting in a delayed or cancelled experience for the restaurant and diner
  • Excessive cancellations - A significant number of your orders were cancelled by either the restaurant or diner
  • Frequent missed deliveries - The diner sees that their order has been delivered but they cannot find their food
  • Slow ETAs - A significant number of deliveries were excessively late compared to our estimates
  • Diner adjustments - A high number of order adjustments have been requested by diners
  • Overcharge Place and Pay Orders - A significant number of Place & Pay orders exceed the anticipated spending amount

Deliveries being late by the estimates, so if the restaurant takes forever to make it, is that our fault? We get a violation when the diner or restaurant cancels an order? And also the diner’s adjustments on their order?! We get punished because they change something?!?!

Some of this is pure insanity to me.

This is why I take people not food

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