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Uber Driver Handed 22 Years of Prison Time for Sexual Battery in Florida (1)
Uber Customer Service - 24-Hour Live Phone Support for Uber Drivers (1)
Dude Sets World Record for the Longest Uber Ride (2,256 Miles) (1)
Uber is back in the news for sexual assault by over 100 Uber drivers (12)
Riders Beware the Fake Uber Driver (1)
Uber Ups its Game in Washington, D.C. with Lobbying (1)
Uber Evolves -- Shares its Data with Cities to Gain Trust (2)
Uber Develops ShadowMaps to Aid and Improve GPS in Metropolitan Cities (1)
How Canadian Towns Uberize Public Transport Services (2)
Law Professor was Sexually Harassed by an Uber Driver (2)
The Importance of Competitive Innovation--Uber Batteries for Flying Cars (1)
When an Uber Driver has to say NO! (3)
Uber's Lobby Seals Washington, D.C (2)
Uber apologizes to the City of Portland & successfully introduces "Dress for Success" Pilot for Women (1)
Uber will not Abandon Self-Driving Vehicles (2)
Uber Driver App Got a Major Facelift: Better Earning Tracker, Quests, Badges, Notifications and New Demand Predictor (3)
Uber App 911 Update: Riders can Call 911 directly from the App (2)
Now Uber Wants to Revolutionize E-Bike Sharing in the US, Buys E-Bike Sharing Startup--Jump (3)
Uber's Midwife Service: Uber Rider Gave Birth in the Car (1)
Uber Rider Not Wearing a Seat Belt Killed in an Accident (2)
Uber Driver Caught Using Customer's Phone, Added $76 Tip (3)
First Yellow Taxi, Now Green; Rideshare the Ultimate Taxi Destroyer (3)
Uber's New Consecutive Trip Feature with Bonuses for Uber Drivers (3)
Seattle Considers Raising Rates for Uber and Lyft Rides to Boost Drivers Pay (3)
Uber Debit Card: Uber and GoBank Update (3)
Police Officer Convicted for Racially Motivated Attack on Uber Driver in Boston (3)
Tindering While Driving: Uber Driver caught by the Passenger (2)
Uber Helps NYC to Raise Transportation Prices (2)
Uber Settles its Sexual and Racial Discriminatory Case with $10 million (2)
Uber Settles Fatal Driverless Car Crash with Elaine Herzberg's Family (1)